Atlas Copco’s Service Training Contributes To Higher Customer Satisfaction

Atlas Copco Construction Equipment offers dealers and rental centers a service training program to enhance technician speed and quality of work. Atlas Copco provides the program for its full breadth of products, including asphalt rollers, breakers, compressors and generators. The program enhances customer satisfaction, as well as minimizes warranty claims and labor hours per project, which maximizes profitability.

The service training — part classroom and part hands-on — teaches technicians how to efficiently and effectively perform maintenance and repairs on Atlas Copco’s wide range of products. It covers a breadth of topics, such as hydraulic systems, wire schematics and troubleshooting. Technicians complete the training at their own shop, on the jobsite, or at one of Atlas Copco’s eight service centers. Technicians also review machine operations and perform walk-around inspections with an Atlas Copco technical service person.

Additionally, technicians learn the best techniques to maintain and repair Tier 4 Interim and Tier 4 Final equipment, which feature some of the industry’s newest components and technology. This helps minimize the learning curve as Tier 4 equipment becomes more prevalent, and it reduces the risk of costly errors.

“With Atlas Copco, dealers and rental centers get a wide range of equipment, which contributes to high utilization and customers satisfaction. But training programs such as ours take that utilization and satisfaction to another level, ensuring technicians can make timely repairs and keep facilities running smoothly,” said Rick Jantzi, Atlas Copco technical support manager. “Not only do our products change with each new model, but so do our dealers and rental centers as they hire new technicians or open new locations. Keeping them and their crew up to speed ensures a smooth transition that keeps their customers satisfied.”

Atlas Copco tailors the training program to fit the customers’ needs, covering products and topics specific to each location. This gives mechanics the opportunity to learn about a wide range of products and topics relevant to them, such as how to rebuild a breaker or compressor. The program is free for most dealers and lasts about three days.

“Fabick Cat is one of the largest air houses in the Midwest, and we serve a wide range of markets,” said Arlie Tucker, compressed air specialist at Fabick Cat. “Our customers rely on us to have the equipment they need when they need it, so being on top of our game is critical when it comes to troubleshooting and repairs. And our Atlas Copco support team is just a phone call away when we need them.”

Fabick Cat, Fenton, Missouri, is a dealer and rental center that offers a wide variety of equipment, including Atlas Copco’s full range of portable compressors.

“Our team has had great feedback on the event, and we look forward to having Atlas Copco come back to deliver more in-depth training,” Tucker said.

In addition to service training, technicians learn how to use Atlas Copco’s online parts system, Shop Online, to quickly and easily search for and order parts. The site is a one-stop shop where users also gather product information and manuals, register equipment and submit warranty claims. Dealers and rental centers can use the system 24/7 to quickly and easily serve customers. That efficiency contributes to high customer satisfaction. The program is available for download on Android smartphones as well as Android and Apple tablets from the App Store and Google Play using the keyword DocuMobile. Dealers must request a password by contacting Atlas Copco’s customer service at 800-732-6762 or by e-mailing

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