Are the Kiddos Learning at Home? Practice Counting By Tens with a Construction Twist!

My daughter just completed a week of math lessons where she practiced counting by 10s. So to add a construction twist to it (because I just had to), I decided to add some hardware we had in the good ol’ tool box to practice. We grabbed 50 different pieces of hardware (washers, nuts and bolts), a large pad of paper, a marker and got to work!

(Note: Using this type of small hardware is not advised for little ones 3 and under unless under very close adult supervision. They can be a choking hazard.)

Step 1: Draw out five rectangles across the paper. Then label them by 10s (1 ten, 2 tens, 3 tens, 4 tens and 5 tens) on top and write out the numbers and spell them out below (10 ten, 20 twenty and so on).

Step 2: Move the hardware pieces into the boxes counting out 10 pieces per box. Then practice counting by 10s (10, 20, 30, 40, 50). Switch it up to practice counting up to different sets of 10.

Step 3: Make up a problem to solve! That way your little one can practice counting and writing and spelling out the numbers.

No hardware? No problem! Try using pom poms, stickers or anything you may have at home.

Get more fun construction ideas for kiddos here!

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