All-Weather Warrior: Louisiana Business Powers Through Wet Conditions to Stay on Schedule

ASV RT75 HD track loader

Owner-Operator Lloyd Landry uses his ASV RT-75 HD to move dirt between houses at residential projects in Baton Rouge, La.

The demand for new housing across the south keeps Lloyd Landry busy year-round. His company, Lloyd Landry LLC, provides dirt work and several other services for some of the largest residential contractors in Baton Rouge, La. As the firm’s owner-operator, he has steadily built his business and its reputation since launching in 2007.

“I grew up in the ag industry. My grandpa was a dairy farmer. I worked on a cattle farm for years and in the sugar-cane industry for a while. I learned how to operate equipment as soon as I could stand up on the transmission of a tractor,” recalled Landry. “In ’07, I decided to use one of our old tractors and try my hand at some local grade work. I ran into a lot of muddy conditions and decided to rent an ASV Posi-Track machine. After that, I didn’t have to worry about fighting through the mud, and the business took off from there.”

Impressed with the performance of the rental unit, Landry bought an ASV PT-60 for his young business. He eventually acquired an ASV PT-80 before purchasing an ASV RT-75 HD compact track loader in 2018.

Today, Landry works on nearly 400 residential lots annually. He also moves limestone and construction debris, handles other construction-related tasks and assists with storm cleanup throughout the state. Landry is a one-man operation and also keeps his calendar booked by caring for and maintaining trees as a licensed arborist.

As the volume of his dirt work has increased, the often-muddy conditions within a few miles of the Mississippi River where he works remain a challenge. When the river level is high, the water table is typically right under the surface on jobsites. To stay efficient, Landry exclusively operates an RT-75 HD compact track loader with a rated operating capacity of 2,650 lbs, which helps him to stay two steps ahead of the competition.

ASV RT75 HD track loader

The ASV RT-75 HD has enough power to move large loads in wet terrain. “My schedule doesn’t allow me to take any days off, and the RT-75 HD is the difference between getting a paycheck or not,” said Landry.

Time Equals Money

The RT-75 HD has the industry’s lowest ground pressure at 3.8 psi, enabling operators like Landry to start work earlier and stay on task longer in soft terrain.

“After it’s rained, I won’t leave a track with the machine, but will sink to my ankles when I get out to walk around,” explained Landry. “The RT-75 HD allows me to push some borderline conditions, and I can get back to moving dirt at least a day or two earlier than with a competitive machine.”

When trying to complete the dirt work for multiple homes every day, time is of the essence. With a top speed of 9.3 mph, the 9,650-lb ASV RT-75 HD with Posi-Track is the quickest track loader in its class. Posi-Track is ASV’s patented undercarriage technology that is designed to provide greater traction and speed in a variety of working conditions. For Landry, greater speed means taking care of more work in less time.

Forestry Package

Landry selected the heavy-duty ASV RT-75 because of its brush guard features that are well-suited for his arborist-related work. With a Cummins 2.8-liter turbocharged diesel engine, the compact track loader ensures maximum power for those engaged in forestry jobs.

Details Make the Difference

Long days working in the Louisiana heat and humidity can take a toll on an operator. That’s why Landry appreciates the amenities such as air conditioning in the cab.

The all-weather cab is also pressurized to ensure a cleaner environment, and the HD model comes with heat, a Lexan door and an AM/FM/MP3 system. Additionally, as a seasoned operator, Landry is a fan of the intuitive standard joystick controls on his compact track loader.

Whenever Landry has a question about his track loader or requires service, he knows he can count on his local ASV rep to respond quickly.

“Instead of having to call three or four times, my dealer checks up on me on a regular basis, just to make sure everything’s going well,” said Landry. “That’s unheard of, and I really appreciate it.”

Charlie Parks is a construction writer and contributor to Compact Equipment.

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