AED Announces Strategic Partnership with Inside the Blueprint

Inside the Blueprint (ITB) and Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) have entered into a strategic partnership to provide AED and its members with educational content regarding issues, initiatives and new solutions related to the equipment distribution industry.

The agreement brings together two influential service providers serving the commercial and residential construction industry. AED will now have access to create broadcast-quality video content, specifically addressing industry insights for its members. The content will be integrated into half-hour episodes of ITB airing nationally on Fox Business Network and internationally to more than 35 countries on Bloomberg International. ITB will utilize AED’s digital marketing and social media platforms to promote partner segments in the weeks leading up to the airing.

“ITB shares AED’s view that providing educational content specific to the needs of contractors and builders in the equipment industry are keys to helping the industry address challenges related to sustainability, efficiency and resilience,” said Ron Secreto, ITB’s Executive Vice President, Partnerships.

“We are quite pleased to be featured on ITB to help us amplify our message on the positive impact infrastructure construction jobs have on the nation’s economy,” stated AED’s President and CEO Brian McGuire. “Strong and long-lasting federal infrastructure funding will also jump-start the post-pandemic recovery through well-paying jobs.”

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