10 Reasons to Celebrate Equipment Operators

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You may know that the equipment operator in your life has a tough job, but have you ever stopped to really think about everything they do and the difference it makes? At Equipment Trader, we think about our nation’s workers — and their contributions — every day. Make sure the equipment operators you know and love feel extra special by remembering all the things that make them great:

1. They Help Provide Essential Utilities

Whether it’s an excavator digging to install plumbing lines or a cherry picker raising a worker to repair electrical lines, equipment operators are at the heart of the work that provides us with the essential utilities we use everyday. When you turn a faucet or hear the AC kick on, remember to appreciate the work of the equipment operators who made it possible.

2. They Produce Our Nation’s Food

From plowing and harvesting to tending to livestock, agricultural workers use heavy equipment everyday to plant, pick, and provide fruits, vegetables, spices, and meat. As Americans, food is part of our diverse culture and that’s why we love our tractor-driving, backhoe-navigating farm workers.

3. They Construct Our Homes and Offices

Our most important places – where we live and where we earn our livelihoods – are there because of laborers operating bulldozers, cranes, and all kinds of other machinery. The equipment workers who enable us to live our lives and pursue our passions have earned our appreciation.

4. They Provide Materials We Use Everyday

Agricultural workers don’t just operate heavy machinery to produce food, but also to provide all other kinds of materials. We love farm equipment operators for giving us the soybeans that are turned into crayons, the cotton that is fashioned into the clothes on our backs, and so much more.

5. They Build Necessary Infrastructure

From roads, bridges and tunnels, to schools, hospitals, and power plants, the physical and social infrastructure of our country is built by workers who are constantly using heavy equipment in their work. Those who perform that labor deserve our heartfelt thanks.

6. They Provide Disaster Relief

Disaster preparation, emergency response and community recovery all depend on the brave work of equipment operators. Anytime you see a news story about disaster relief, the footage will undoubtedly show construction-yellow machinery and utility-white vehicles repairing and rebuilding roads, utilities, homes, and businesses. That’s the kind of heroism we love to see.

7. They Work Really Hard

It should go without saying, but we’re going to mention it anyway – equipment operators are some of the hardest workers out there. From operating excavators on construction sites, to navigating tractors on a farm, to maneuvering forklifts in a warehouse, we appreciate the tireless work ethic of these workers.

8. Their Industry is Going Green

Heavy equipment is at the forefront of environmentally sustainable technology, with new machinery advancements coming out every year. Not only that, but equipment operators are going to be essential in building the infrastructure for the new green energy industry. They’ll help create millions of jobs for those who will soon be employed in the solar, wind and nuclear fields — you have to love that.

9. They Spend Years Perfecting Their Craft

Equipment operators don’t just work hard on their projects. They also build themselves up too, constantly learning and improving their skills. Whether that development is informal or the product of an official training, certification, or apprenticeship program, we applaud their dedication to being the best they can possibly be.

10. Their Jobs are Awesome

Just look at what equipment operators get to do every day: maneuver big, powerful machines that accomplish impressive and important tasks like constructing our communities and harvesting the nation’s food. From scrappy skid steer loaders to roaring dump trucks, and everything in between, equipment operation is a fascinating and inspiring career these workers should take pride in.

Equipment operation is an expert profession that is absolutely essential to our way of life. If you haven’t told them recently, reach out to the equipment operators you know and tell them how much you love and appreciate them. And if you’re looking for your next piece of heavy machinery, be sure to check out all the for-sale and for-rent inventory available nationwide at EquipmentTrader.com.


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