Want to Know More About Drum Mulchers? Lee Padgett from Takeuchi U.S. Is Here to Help

Why Pick a Drum Mulcher

Drum mulchers are the most popular mulching attachments next to brush cutters. Drum mulchers can be used to take down small material all the way up to large trees. They come in different sizes for different carriers and bring a decent blend of technology with them such as variable torque motors, load-sensing motors, hydraulic deflectors, bite-limiter drums, etc.

These are used for clearing land for infrastructure as well as land management to control growth and promote new growth in heavily forested areas. Right-of-way clearing is a must to prevent over-growth next to power lines, pipelines, etc., so they are easily accessible and do not get damaged by trees and brush.

Mulching trees and brush helps them decay faster as compared to just cutting them down and leaving them to rot. Also, it is cheaper to cut down in place and mulch rather than hauling trees off. Land management practices can also promote new growth by removing old dead trees. Removing dead trees and managing overgrowth also reduces the potential for fires and helps make fires more manageable.

Tips for Selecting a Drum Mulcher

When choosing a mulcher, the operator needs to decide how fine of a mulched product they want, and they should also look at the potential for ground engagement. If there is a potential for hitting rock when using the mulcher, they will want their mulcher to have carbide teeth instead of blades. If they want a finer mulched product, they will want to go with a bite-limiter-type drum to meter out the teeth engagement into the product.

What type of area are they in? If they are near homes or other buildings, they will want better control of the product so they will want to opt for a mulcher with a hydraulic deflector to control debris. They will also need to match the mulcher head to their carrier by looking at weight and pressure/flow specs.

Some other useful info about drum mulchers…

  • Used on both track loaders and excavators.
  • Standard and high-flow options.
  • All different sizes and configurations available for numerous sizes and types of machines.
  • Drum mulchers for large track loaders are the most popular.
  • Costs vary greatly from $12k to $35K.

Consider the TUMLSSL150IQ

Our TUMLSSL150IQ is a very popular drum mulcher for us as it lines up perfectly with our TL12V2 and TL12R2 compact track loader platform and has our new IQ technology, an intelligent speed-management system that helps maintain rotor speed and increases productivity when compared with a standard VT configuration. A simple push of a button calibrates the mulcher to the machine, and the load-sensing system will meter drum speed and system pressure to ensure maximum productivity.

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