Rototilt’s Advanced Rototilt Control System Is Expanding to Compact Excavators

Rototilt Control is a new product concept from Rototilt that includes tiltrotators, joysticks and a new, user-friendly control system. Now this concept is being expanded to fit even more excavator sizes, including the compact RC3 tiltrotator.

“Smaller excavators are also becoming increasingly advanced. The innovations within Rototilt Control can provide significant advantages for these particular machines,” says Sven-Roger Ekström, Product Manager.

Rototilt Control was launched last year with RC System, RC Joysticks and RC Tiltrotators. The new RC Connect app, which is included in the concept, also makes it possible to obtain remote support out in the field. Since its launch in 2022, the concept has been expanded with more and more models. Rototilt has now announced that the RC3 tiltrotator, which is designed for excavators weighing between 6-12 metric tons, is also being added to the lineup.

“The next step for the Rototilt Control product platform is focusing on compact machines, with the RC3 being the first in line,” says Sven-Roger Ekström, Product Manager. “The compact segment has grown more and more in recent years. With dedicated space for the excavator system and improved hydraulics, the RC3 can offer even greater precision for smaller excavators.”

The new tiltrotators in the RC series are used together with the RC System control system. According to Sven-Roger, the new display and functions for safety locks can be particularly beneficial, especially since the SecureLock safety solution is included as standard.

“Safety in the workplace is crucial. SecureLock is based on a patented solution incorporating electronic sensors in the safety lock, and satisfies the high safety demands set out in EN474,” he says. “The fact that SecureLock is included as standard in the RC series and that the display in RC System has built-in buttons for managing the safety lock is an important step in our product development.”

The RC3 is scheduled to go on sale on October 6, 2023, and more launches are expected in the future, according to Rototilt.

“We are constantly working to develop our product offering, regardless of whether this relates to service tools or tiltrotators. The next step for Rototilt Control is already being developed,” concludes Sven-Roger.


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