Redesigned IronCraft Forestry Disc Mulcher Quickly Eradicates Brush and Trees

IronCraft LLC, formerly branded Titan Implement, re-launches their redesigned Forestry Disc Mulcher which quickly eradicates 6- to 14-in. diameter materials and standing or felled trees.  A robust 60-in. fully machined disc includes 44 beaver teeth located on the top, bottom, and perimeter of the disc, with 5 additional beaver teeth located on the inside of the deck for even more mulching capacity. An angled throat design guides material into the mulching chamber to speed the shredding of brush.  Available with either 150cc motor that requires 32-44 gpm of hydraulic flow, or 200cc motor that requires 45-60 gpm of hydraulic flow.  All models feature a 1-in. hinged deflector and 3/8-in. thick deck and reinforced sides for longer service life.  The IronCraft Forestry Disc Mulcher is ideal for mulching projects such as Right-of-Way clearing, fire lane clearing, pasture reclamation, and other land clearing projects where speed is desired, and aesthetics are not as critical.  

IronCraft stocks the Forestry Disc Mulcher in its Athens, Tennessee, factory; they are available through their nationwide dealer network. Each unit is warranted for a full year.


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