New IronCraft 2400 Series Rotary Cutter Features Flex-Wing Performance

2400 Series Rotary Cutter

IronCraft, formerly branded Titan Implement, recently announced the 2400 Series Rotary Cutter, which it notes has been designed from the ground up to provide a superior cutting experience. This new cutter will be showcased at the National Farm Machinery Show in booth #4024. With components and features typically found on flex wing mowers, it is unique among rotary cutters. Available in 8-foot and 10-foot widths, these heavy-duty dual spindle cutters provide unparalleled performance, integrity, and aesthetics. Each has a cutting height from 3 ½ to 10 inches and handles material up to 3-inches in diameter. Requires a minimum of 42 PTO HP for the 8-foot model, and 52 PTO HP for the 10-foot model. They are ideal for cutting around the farm or ranch, parks and recreational areas, municipalities, and commercial cutting projects.

Designed to Perform

Updated splitter box manages tip speed for a consistent and controlled cut. The 4-inch-wide blades create more suction for a cleaner, more consistent cut, eliminating straggling strands. Increased deck height enhances the vacuum effect for a smoother finish. Counter rotation mitigates windrowing of cut materials, providing a higher quality cut. Bolt on wheel brackets allow for easy adjustments on the fly as field conditions change.

Integrity for Longer Service Life

An outboard gearbox provides strength and durability as evidenced by the 5-year warranty. New sight glass, drain plug, and dipstick simplify the servicing of the 2400. Double rubber coupling shafts eliminate vibration and ensure smooth, steady operation. Replaceable skid shoes protect against tough terrain and extend the cutters life. A dish style stump jumper allows the 2400 to ride over hidden obstacles with minimal damage. Adjustable tail wheel spacing allows operators to tailor the pull type cutters performance to the job at hand.

Aesthetics that Look Good and Perform Well

The new flat top design looks sleek while it keeps debris at bay. It is easy to clean and preserves the cutters longevity by eliminating debris buildup. Internal levelling rods keep the deck top clean so that debris does not get trapped.

Ironcraft manufactures the 2400 series in their Athens, Tennessee, factory; they are available through their nationwide dealer network with industry-leading lead times. Each unit is warranted for a full year.

IronCraft LLC, was formerly branded as Titan Implement. The company was purchased by LFM Capital which plans major capital expenditures over the next 24-months at the Athens, Tennessee, factory as well as other southeastern Tennessee locations, including a paint booth, laser cutting, robotic welding, and more. In addition, other initiatives to support the post-purchase experience include online parts lookup, service manuals, training resources, and adding more product support locations across the country.


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