Look at This Impressive Redesigned Harper ATM72 Slope Mower

Harper Turf Equipment, a leading manufacturer of superior slope mowing technology, recently announced the release of the Tier 4 Final compliant ATM72LC. The new model presents improved hydraulics, ground drive performance and serviceability in comparison to its predecessor. The advanced components enhance the self-leveling comfort and driver safety features ATM72 operators have relied on since the 1980s.

“We applied our original upright engine design concept, but made modifications to ensure a smoother ride,” said Byron Riesen, Sales Manager. “This improved performance over our innovative hillside mowing technology is a testament to our engineers.”

Kubota power systems was chosen to provide the new engine due to their clean diesel performance, areas of service and overall value. The liquid cooled, 4-cylinder 24.8 HP engine powers through tough mowing jobs with ease and adaptability. Enhanced combustion efficiency reduces vibrations and sound emissions.

Harper ATM72 (2)

The larger hydraulic tank, now located near the back of the machine, increases capacity and runs cooler, thus extending the life of hydraulic components. The redesigned leveling circuit provides constant down pressure on the stabilizer arms to absorb rough terrain, improving traction and operator comfort.

Other enhancements to the mower include the servo control hydrostat foot pedal, inclinometer leveling, redesigned operator controls and deck service access. The new models are available for spring order. Contact your local Harper Turf dealer to request a demo or for pricing information.

For more info on Harper Industries, click this link.

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