Little Beaver Auger Blades, Points Cut Through Maintenance Costs and Time

little-beaver-productsUnlike many manufacturers that make one auger blade, Little Beaver manufactures a variety of augers, points and blades designed to optimize their ability to cut through specific soil profiles. Matching the ideal auger point and blade to the specific soil type minimizes premature wear, maintenance costs and labor.

Little Beaver’s replaceable blades and points mount on the company’s regular and heavy-duty snap-on augers with ease. They protect the augers from wear while drilling in soils that range from loamy soil to compacted rock.

“We want to keep our customers drilling,” said Mike Hale, Little Beaver sales and marketing manager. “We designed our blades and points for simple replacement on our signature snap-on augers so operators can focus on digging and quickly change out parts when they become dull or worn.”

The standard blades and points come with every Little Beaver snap-on auger. They fasten to the auger with two steel bolts, and operators can remove the bolts with a common adjustable wrench. The standard blades and points are ideally suited for loamy soils or areas with few rocks. They are made with cold-rolled steel and hard surfacing to their edges. With these blades and points, the augers can drill more than 100 holes in prime soil conditions before servicing is needed.

Smaller-diameter augers – 1.5-in., 2-in. and 3-in. – use standard points that simply screw or pin on.

For dense soils, Little Beaver’s exclusive carbide blades fasten to the bottom of the snap-on augers, similar to the standard auger points, and cut hard clay and frozen ground into smaller pieces. “Some operators may keep both the standard and carbide blades on hand if they will be moving to multiple sites with the earth drills,” Hale said. “Having both sets allow them to dig holes in a wide range of soil conditions and helps prolong the work life of the blades and augers.”

For the most challenging soil formations, Little Beaver’s line of heavy-duty snap-on augers use specially designed, heavy-duty steel and carbide blades and tips for abrasive soils and compacted rock. They lock into the larger-diameter augers with rubber locks to form a tight wedge fit, so they cut through difficult soil formations without coming loose from the auger.

Follow this link to peruse the full-line of Little Beaver’s auger blades and points.