Get to Know the New Tiltrotator from Mazio Attachments

The new tiltrotator from Mazio Attachments LLC helps material producers and contractors save both time and money in the quarry and on the jobsite. Tiltrotators for excavators have seen great interest in Europe, and they are growing in popularity within the US. These supplemental attachments work with excavator tools, such as grapples, buckets, or shears, to provide more versatility and precision. They not only rotate 360 degrees, but they also tilt side-to-side by up to 55 degrees. This ability reduces the need for the operator to move the excavator while performing tasks — increasing productivity and efficiency.

The Mazio Tilt-Rotator features a hydraulic quick coupler that allows the operator to remain in the cab while changing tools. It enjoys maintenance-free operation, with no grease points and no cylinders. It allows access to narrow spaces and on urban projects with large or small equipment. Mazio’s experts work in tandem with its dealers to provide producers and contractors with guidance on ways to increase their productivity and profits, helping them to ensure success.


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