Fecon Launches a New Line of PTO Bull Hog Mulchers Attachments

Fecon LLC, a leading global manufacturer of heavy-duty site preparation attachments and forestry accessories, recently introduced a new line of mulchers designed specifically for power take-off (PTO) equipment. Created for tractors with 45-110 horsepower, the PTO Bull Hog Mulchers create a new opportunity for farmers, ranchers and other landowners who have land upkeep needs and already own PTO equipment. Instead of requiring the purchase of a new piece of large equipment for each job, these practical attachments allow landowners to enhance the equipment most of them already own, saving time and money.

“We’re mindful of our full range of customers when we introduce a product to the market,” said Jeff Stanley, Fecon’s senior vice president of product development. “The new PTO Bull Hog Mulchers give landowners the power to take land clearing, mulching and land maintenance into their own hands without having to buy additional equipment or hire a contractor.”

A distinctive feature of the new PTO Bull Hog Mulchers is their split ring rotor system, which strikes a balance between Fecon’s honed FGT and Depth Control Rotor (DCR) technologies. With no depth control, the FGT rotor offers a more aggressive bite at a higher horsepower whereas the DCR features rings spanning the full diameter of its rotor that limit its bite to produce a more consistent chip size and use less horsepower from the carrier. Blending the FGT’s strength with the DCR’s precision, the split-ring system has a depth control ring that only partially go arounds the rotor. This design allows the PTO Bull Hog Mulchers to provide powerful, controlled cutting in a low weight and easy-to-maneuver attachment.

The PTO Bull Hog Mulchers can attach to any tractor with a three-point hitch, and include three different size options — the RK6013P, RK6015P and RK7316P. The RK6013P, the smallest of the three, has a 60-inch rotor size from a 13-inch rotor and can be run on any 45-70-horsepower tractor. The RK6015P keeps the 60-inch rotor size but with a slightly larger 15-inch rotor and attaches to 50-90-horsepower tractors. The largest of the PTO Bull Hog Mulchers, the RK7316P, has an increased rotor size of 73 inches using a 16-inch rotor and runs on larger tractors with 80-110 horsepower.

The PTO Bull Hog Mulchers offer a solution in the form of an adaptable, high-quality mulching extension to a landowner’s already existing equipment. Plus, it is less affected by supply chain issues than other equipment.

“It’s no secret that people are struggling to get machinery,” Stanley continued. “U.S. landowners — farmers, ranchers, anyone who owns a large piece of land — will love this option. Instead of waiting for that new machine to get out of production, they can buy an attachment today that connects to a piece of equipment they already own and immediately go home and take care of their property themselves.” Learn more about Fecon’s innovative offerings at www.fecon.com.

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