Fecon Debuts New FMX28 Bull Hog Mulcher for Compact Excavators

Fecon LLC, a leading global manufacturer of heavy-duty site preparation attachments and forestry accessories, debuted the FMX28 Bull Hog compact excavator mulcher attachment at its booth at The ARA Show, February 12-15, in Orlando. Capable of mulching overgrowth, underbrush and small trees, the FMX28 offers a versatile solution for clearing property lines, pastureland, real estate lots, ditches, trails, fencerows and invasive species, and more. Paired with 3.5- to 8-ton excavators, the compact package makes it easy to access traditionally difficult-to-reach places with precision — making it a perfect fit for owner-operators, rental centers and right-of-way maintenance.

The excavator-mounted FMX28 allows for surgical precision in vegetation management, enabling the removal of a single tree in a group or even specific branches that need to be trimmed back from obstructions — an ­­­­ability traditional skid-steer mounted mulching heads can’t offer. Unlike competitive units which are simply shrunk down from a larger design, the FMX28 features a design purpose-built and optimized for standard flow excavators that are 3.5- to 5-tons and can operate with as little as 12 gpm, ensuring exceptional performance in demanding site clearing and mulching applications. With an overall width of 40 inches and a working width of 28 inches, the attachment mounts on excavators up to 8 tons, allowing a narrow mulching cut for precision vegetation removal. A variable displacement hydraulic motor optimizes rotor speed and torque for maximum production in small or larger materials.

“We’re excited to give compact excavators a new tool to improve site-clearing versatility,” said Mark Middendorf, Fecon’s Executive Vice President of Sales. “Additionally, this product allows rental centers to diversify their fleet by adding an innovative attachment in a size class that matches most excavators on their lot. And the rental rate for the FMX28 is up to three times that of a bucket-equipped excavator alone, which increases ROI and rental utilization.” 

The mulching head features 14 reversible knife tools on a bite-limiting split ring rotor. The rotor design protects the carrier and provides ease of use for even inexperienced operators by virtually eliminating the possibility of overloading the attachment. The fixed knife design ensures a consistently small chip size and effective management of all vegetation from trees up to 5 inches in diameter. The reversible Cubit knives provide 70 to 100 hours per edge which extends the total life of the tool to 140 to 200 hours per edge. The reversible Cubit knives provide 70 to 100 hours of wear per edge for maximum tool life.

Fecon also offers a Cubit carbide tool option for applications that require high levels of ground clearing, especially in rocky soils. The attachment’s unique rear throat design narrows as the material passes, trapping oversized pieces of debris in the blade area to ensure proper and uniform chip size and controlled material disbursement.