FAE Will Showcase Cool New Road Planer Attachments at World of Asphalt 2024

FAE RWM/SSL disc road planer for skid steers

FAE USA Inc. will hold a press conference at the World of Asphalt Show and Conference, presenting its revolutionary road planers for skid steers and excavators — the superior solution the industry has been waiting for. These new machines deliver unmatched build quality and ease of maintenance, with the highest production standards.

Among the machines on display at the World of Asphalt show will be the RPL/EX road planer for excavators, the RPL/SSL road planer for skid steers, and the RWM/SSL disc road planer for skid steers.

FAE is particularly excited to showcase the RPL/EX road planer at the World of Asphalt Show and Conference this year. This attachment for excavators represents the newest in FAEs line of asphalt and paving attachments, which promises to completely revolutionize the industry. Offering unparalleled versatility and maneuverability for road planing work, the RPL/EX offers the precision that the industry has been waiting for.

The RPL/SSL is another in FAE’s new line of road planers. Able to cut to a depth of up to 7 inches, the RPL/SSL is at the forefront of power and efficiency for road planers in its class. With the RPL/SSL, operational precision is ensured by a hydraulic drive system and practical depth and cutting indicators. In addition, the tooth layout of the RPL/SSL was designed specifically to reduce vibrations, increasing efficiency and reducing wear and tear.

FAE RPL/SSL road planer for skid steers

The RWM/SSL disc road planer is one of the most striking in FAE’s entire line of products. This large disc planer is able to cut up to 20 inches deep, a feature unmatched in the industry. This extreme cutting capability makes the RWM/SSL ideal for laying electrical, water, gas, and fiber optic conduits. The RWM/SSL’s precise depth is maintained with a self-leveling skid, and its optimized side output keeps trenches free of waste material and provides true cutting depth.

FAE is excited for the opportunity to present its new machines to the press and share information about the many ways they will help to improve efficiency and productivity across the industry.

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