Engcon Upgrades Both Its Proportional Control System (DC2) for Tiltrotator Attachments and Its Remote Access App

In 2012, Engcon launched its proportional control system, DC2 (Digging Control) for tiltrotators, with an associated app for remote support via the mobile phone network. Combining safety with the latest technology means that a service technician can connect to the excavator and provide remote support, saving time and money. Now, Engcon just recently announced that it has now improved compatibility, and that the app has a new easy-to-navigate user experience with improved performance and stability to optimize machine control and installation.

Engcon’s DC2 control system fits all excavator brands on the market and can, in addition to controlling Engcon’s tiltrotators, also control the excavator’s belt and wheels as well as boom swing or variable boom function. The app enables remote access to the control system and has been updated to be more intuitive to use. The upgrade also means increased compatibility with the latest versions of Android and the most up-to-date smartphone models.

“Remote support with remote control is a smart and time-saving feature that allows a service technician to troubleshoot via the mobile network and the driver’s smartphone. This provides great benefits and time savings in calibration, troubleshooting and service”, says Tomas Wall, Product Manager at Engcon Control Systems.

On installation, all control systems need to be calibrated. Previously, this was handled by an on-site service technician. Now, it can be done remotely by connecting the driver’s smartphone directly to support staff. The setup also saves time in the case of troubleshooting, no matter where the machine is located. Engcon support can quickly locate the fault and, if necessary, send out a service technician with the right parts.

DC2 with remote support saves time, the environment and money

In many cases, support on control systems is about minor adjustments and with the Engcon DC2 and an Android phone no one needs to physically visit the machine to do this, saving time, the environment and money. A smartphone can be connected to the DC2 via Bluetooth and it is possible to switch between different operator profiles and tools or enter speed settings.

”In addition to saving the contractor a lot of time and money by having the support done without anyone going out to the machine, there is also a big environmental benefit by reducing the amount of trips taken”, says Tomas Wall, Product Manager at Engcon Control Systems.

The updated control system had a low-key introduction at Conexpo 2020 in Las Vegas.

“As the United States is a gigantic country with long distances, the benefits of remote support were very well received when we demonstrated it live at Conexpo”, says Tomas Wall.

The new DC2 has been released first for Swedish users to ensure that the new app works as expected before it is released for use in the USA.

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