engcon to Exhibit at The Utility Expo this Week

The Utility Expo is this week and engcon will be showcasing its products and benefits – particularly the new, enhanced EC206 tiltrotator. In addition to the tiltrotator taking center stage, engcon will display its wide range of excavator attachments such as buckets, hydraulic pallet forks, grading beams, stone and sorting grapples.

The Swedish tiltrotator manufacturer supplies tiltrotators, tools and accessories for excavators all over the world. The ability to tilt and rotate the excavator bucket streamlines operations, boosting efficiency by up to 25 percent. The unique flexibility greatly reduces the need for moving your machine around and the wide range of tools available means that your machine can perform multiple tasks in shorter time. The tiltrotator makes your operations instantly more profitable – rely on fewer machines and a reduced need for manpower to get the job done. Shorter working time also reduces the wear and fuel consumption of your excavator. The range, which is well established in the Nordics, has in recent years expanded to large parts of Europe and North America. engcon established its operations in the USA in 2017, and exhibiting at The Utility Expo is another step in the company’s ambition to develop its presence further in the North American market.

engcon Presents EC-Oil

EC-Oil, which is engcon’s system for automatic coupling of hydraulic tools, will also be demonstrated on site.

“With EC-Oil, you can safely change accessories in seconds, and you avoid hoses or electrical cables that move when connecting, which reduces the risk of crushing damage and wear and tear”, says Austin Graham, Sales Director engcon North America.

In spring 2022, engcon launched an automatic EC-Oil quick coupler for the EC206 tiltrotator, compatible with 8,800- to 13,200-lb excavators. Back in 2020, engcon introduced EC-Oil automatic oil and electrical coupling as standard on the machine coupler S40 and on the upper part of an EC206 tiltrotator for machines up to 13,200 lbs. Now engcon has taken its next stride, introducing EC-Oil automatic quick coupler system also on the lower quick coupler.

Come Watch an engcon in Action

Visit engcon at Lot E, booth E1219 at the Utility Expo to witness the enhanced EC206 tiltrotator in action. It will be exhibited alongside a wide range of both hydraulic and mechanical tools on a John Deere 60G excavator. engcon’s North American team is looking forward to meeting attendees and sharing more information about the unique engcon system which turns the excavator into a multi-purpose tool carrier that replaces several other machines.


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