Danuser Introduces New Post Driver and Stump Auger

Danuser, a leading manufacturer of attachments for agricultural and construction equipment, is launching a new post driver and stump auger.

Danuser Hornet Post Driver

The Hornet is a quick and powerful post driver. The jack hammer style power cell offers a controlled, high-speed driving performance. With Danuser’s one-man grapple option, it is an all-in-one driving solution.

Two models are available:

  • T7:
    • Drives T-posts up to a 7-in. diameter post/pipe
    • Impact rate: 500-900 blows/min.
    • Hydraulic requirements: 2,000-3,500 psi / 10-30 GPM
    • Impact energy: 684 ft-lbs
  • T8-RR
    • Drives T-posts up to an 8-in. diameter post/pipe (can also drive RR ties with optional RR tie driving tool)
    • Impact rate: 400-800 blows/min
    • Hydraulic requirements: 2,200-3,500 psi / 13-30 GPM
    • Impact energy: 884 ft-lbs

The hydraulic grapple option allows one person to pick up, load and drive posts. The Hornet comes standard with a flow control valve that allows the driver to be run on machines with hydraulic flows up to 30 GPM.

The toolless driving tool allows quick change, which means no hammer and punch needed to change driving tools. The Hornet comes standard with a domed driving tool, but flat driving tools as well as a flat RR tie tool (T8-RR only) can also be purchased.

An additional weight kit option allows operators to fine tune the weight of the driver to match the operating capacity of the vehicle. The kit includes 14 suitcase weights for a total of 616 pounds of additional weight. The full kit can improve driving speed by up to 50% over the base unit.

Other features include a post holder with tie-down locations for transporting posts/pipe; no setup required, it’s ready to go to work; and a 1-year warranty.

Danuser Stump Auger

The Stump Auger is a standard 2-in. hex auger attachment that planes away stumps without requiring large, specialized equipment. A threaded pilot digs into the stump and large cutting blades then shave the stump away. The large cutting blades are reversible for more cutting life. 

The stump auger is available in 10- and 16-in. diameters. The 10-in. can run on auger units with 1,700 ft-lbs or more of torque and the 16-in. can run on auger units with 3,000 ft-lbs or more of torque. Complete stump removal is achieved by overlapping planning locations.

Features include:

  • 2-in. hex collar
  • Hardened steel cutting blades
    • Reversible/indexable for more cutting per blade
  • Hardened steel pilot with cutting blades
  • 10- and 16-in. diameter options
    • 10 in. for use with 1,700 ft-lbs of torque and higher drive units
    • 16 in. for use with 3,000 ft-lbs of torque and higher drive units
  • Weight
    • 10 in. – 50 lbs.
    • 16 in. – 70 lbs.
  • Overall length
    • 27 in. for both sizes.