Check Out These Conestoga Stainless Steel Drop Spreaders

Conestoga stainless steel drop spreaders are the ideal tools for spreading lime, salt, sand, fertilizer and more. Three models provide a range of sizes to fit virtually any operation. The Model DSC-4800 has a box width of 48 inches and a capacity of 500 lbs. of lime. The Model DSC-6000 box width is 60 inches, with 850 lbs. lime capacity. The Model DSC-7200 has a 72-inch box width and its lime capacity is 1,150 lbs.

Each Conestoga drop spreader is equipped with a manual applicator – an easy-adjust gauge to control the rate of dispersion of spread material. An optional, rugged agitator inside the box minimizes any material bridging that might occur. An extendable and adjustable hitch easily accommodates a wide variety of towing vehicles. Easy-open lids reduce spillage and prevent moisture from entering the box.

Wide turf tires are standard equipment to minimize tracks, ruts and compression on turf and specialized surfaces. Stainless steel box construction is also standard.

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