Land Pride Mower

Land Pride’s RC37 Series Folding Rotary Cutters are available in 12- and 15-ft widths and feature a 3-in. cutting capacity with a cut height of 1.5 to 14 in. The RC37 is designed for tractors in the 50 to 160 hp range and as such has a divider gearbox rated at 160 hp and wing boxes rated at 130 hp. The input driveline is a constant-velocity, Cat. 6 with Cat. 4 wing drivelines. These cutters are available for 540- or 1,000-rpm tractors, with 4 or 6 tires in 3 sizes, and 5 hitch options. Standard equipment include wing transport locks, transportation lights, and replaceable skid shoes. These cutters are also available as an RCG37 model that offers a hot-dipped zinc galvanized deck.

For more info on Land Pride, click this link. It’s even Land Pride orange!

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