2014 Attachment Awards — Pavijet Mini Paver

The Attachment Awards honor the best attachments and implements released in the past year. Congrats to these innovative attachments for being the best new products introduced to the market in 2014.

Pavijet Mini Paver

Pavijet fills, paves and finishes with asphalt, concrete, gravel, millings and sand via its central auger and heated, vibratory screed. Unlike other attachments, excellent first compaction is achieved — which relies on the weight of the skid steer, rather than contents of the hopper. Pavijet’s hydraulically-controlled fully retractable screed allows for superior navigation of obstacles. Self-leveling gear is standard. Main controls are hung inside the skid steer. A wireless device controls Pavijet from anywhere nearby. Two models are available: the forward driving MG7 with side extending screed and the reverse-driving MG6 center line paver. For more info, visit minipaver.com.

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