Virtual Welding Training for Real World Applications

Industry professionals will get a number of chances this year to simulate real welding experiences in virtual environments with the VRTEX 360 virtual reality arc welding (VRAW) training solution from Lincoln Electric. The company will feature this realistic welder training system at seven global conferences and trade shows throughout the year to better acquaint welders with the benefits of virtual hands-on training.

The VRTEX 360 is an educational training tool that is designed to accelerate welding training through the utilization of virtual reality. The VRTEX 360 System can be used to simulate SMAW (stick), GMAW (MIG) and FCAW (flux-cored) welding processes, multiple weld joint configurations and welding positions and a variety of welding environments, including construction sites and welding school booths.

“By implementing VRAW training into traditional welding training programs, students learn more quickly,” said Deanna Postlethwaite, marketing manager, Lincoln Electric Automation Division. “This increases welding school throughput and opens up more time to teach additional topics. Skilled welders cannot be trained on simulators alone and need real arc time to fine tune their welding skills. This training solution can provide a fun and beneficial educational experience. We’re taking the system on the road to show the industry just how fun – and effective – virtual reality training can be.”

It offers a combination of realistic puddle simulation and arc welding sound tied to a welder’s movements, providing a hands-on training experience. The system assists in training skilled welders faster with lower training costs and allows shops to easily integrate high-tech training tools into their in-house curriculum. It also serves as an excellent way to recruit new welders.

The VRTEX will be on display, for hands-on use, at the following conferences in 2011:

ConExpo-Con/AGG, March 22-26, Las Vegas
OTC: Offshore Technology Conference, May 2-5, Houston
NASCC: The Steel Conference, May 11-15, Pittsburgh
World Skills 2011, Oct. 5-8, London
SEMA, Nov. 1-4, Las Vegas
FABTECH, Nov. 14-17, Chicago
PRI: Performance Racing Industry, Dec. 1-4, Orlando, Fla.
Power-GEN International, Dec. 13-15, Las Vegas

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