Up in the sky! It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s JLG’s ClearSky Fleet Management System

Fleet management is all the rage in today’s added-value equipment marketplace, and JLG’s ClearSky system knows how contractors can get a more productive bang out of their equipment buck, as the company now offers aftermarket installation kits for its ClearSky fleet management tool.

With ClearSky, rental companies are able to recognize a problem upon the point of failure.  For example, a rental company receives an alert of a problem, pings the machine with JLG’s unique on-demand feature to analyze the machine operating system, determines the source of the problem and can send a technician with the correct parts to repair the unit.

“ClearSky provides rental companies with the assurance that their fleet is operating productively and if there is a problem, ClearSky will help these companies remotely diagnose it,” said Chris Mellott, JLG Industries vice-president, sales and market development for the Americas. “With the launch of these aftermarket ClearSky kits, JLG has made a powerful new tool available for both new and existing rental fleet units.”

In addition to on-demand, remote diagnostics and troubleshooting, ClearSky offers preventative maintenance alerts, maintenance history, geo fencing and the ability to map all fleet assets locally, regionally and nationally. With the use of these features, rental fleet managers can lower their cost of ownership by reducing nuisance service calls and improve productivity of their branches through optimizing equipment maintenance management.

ClearSky was first made available in September 2009 and the hardware became a standard feature on Ultra Booms in November of 2009.  For more information on this innovative new tool, please visit the ClearSky site at www.clearskyjlg.com or contact JLG at 877-JLG-LIFT.

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