Thompson Pump’s Pumpology 101

Thompson Pump & Manufacturing Co. Inc. held its 20th annual Pumpology School April 21-23 at its corporate facilities in Port Orange, Fla. More than 40 attendees from 15 states and three foreign countries enjoyed the three-day workshop, which included training sessions for sales and service-oriented professionals on pumping fundamentals, dewatering and bypass applications, selecting the correct pumping equipment, designing, installing and maintaining pumping systems, troubleshooting and pump maintenance.

Pumpology School offers hands-on demonstrations and classroom training from industry experts. Upon completion of training and successfully passing a comprehensive examination, attendees are recognized as certified Pumpologists at an awards ceremony.

“Our Pumpology School allows us to share our expertise about pumps and pumping systems and we raise the knowledge quotient across a wide spectrum of applications, markets and territories,” said Bill Thompson, Thompson Pump president. “The training is geared to address the requirements of engineers, sales representatives and operating technicians.”

The Pumpology Class of 2010

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