Terex Launches Dedicated Used Equipment Web site

In today’s economic climate, many contractors are opting to buy “new” used equipment to get the job done. With that buying behavior in mind, Terex is now making it easy for customers to shop for and purchase used equipment with the launch of www.terex.com/used. This online resource allows construction contractors to access spec information, photos and MSRP on used construction, roadbuilding and aerial work platform equipment for sale through Terex.

“We know that customers today are making equipment decisions differently because of the economy,” said John Poag, operations sales manager, Terex Construction Americas. “Savvy contractors know that buying used equipment can be a smart way to reduce investment cost and increase profit margins. To make it simple for our customers to find the equipment they are looking for, Terex has listed all available used equipment inventory on www.terex.com/used, allowing customers to ‘shop’ 24 hours a day, seven days a week for what they need.”

To determine if now is the right time to invest in “new” used equipment, Poag suggests that customers do a simple acquisition cost versus utilization rate analysis. “Some questions to consider are: Will this piece of equipment allow you to do more specialized jobs? Will it allow you to do your current jobs more quickly and efficiently? Will having this piece of equipment allow you to do jobs that your competitors are not capable of,” says Poag. “All of these questions will help determine if used is a better option than new.”

Once a customer selects a piece of equipment to purchase from www.terex.com/used, representatives from Terex Construction Americas and Terex Financial Services enlist the customer’s nearest authorized Terex distributor to complete the sale. “Our goal is to connect our customers with Terex distributors for financing, service, parts and future equipment needs,” says Poag.

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