Drill Sergeants

Military missions are often top secret. The same goes for military machines. How and where the military uses its construction equipment and building brigades is not always for public print. But sometimes we get some photos of units meant for military action. This DrillAll from TEI Rock Drills is once such machine — a self-contained “mini-jumbo” machine built for the U.S. armed forces. The DrillAll can be programmed to automatically drill a variety of face patterns in tough materials and situations. It can install roof bolts as well as rib bolts with its unique “kinematics.” It’s a walk-behind, tracked unit that is actually getting a lot of interest from the underground narrow vein mining sector because of its ability to drill a lot of different angles in a variety of confined spaces. The DrillAll can drill holes in sizes from 1.25 to 2 in. in diameter. The length of the drill rods are 6 ft. There is an air compressor on board as well as a water misting system for dust control. If the U.S. military trusts TEI Rock Drills, your crews probably can too. For more info, visit them at www.teirockdrills.com.