Doosan Portable Power Video Features Overview of ViewPort Air Compressor Control Panel

Doosan Portable Power, a leading global provider of mobile power platforms, has produced a video overview of the ViewPort control panel on Doosan air compressors. The video provides a close-up look at the new control panel and its powerhouse of data and easy operation.

Included in the overview is an explanation of the highly visible cluster of gauges, digital display with preloaded manuals and intuitive machine controls. The LED backlit panel of gauges provides access to critical information needed to run the air compressor. No other air compressor control panel provides the amount of detail and preloaded resources accessible with the ViewPort control panel. The full-color digital display provides maximum data and easy navigation with a built-in joystick that also acts as a selection key. Using the joystick provides access to 15 gauges and resource manuals, including operation, maintenance, parts, electronic service manual, and engine owner’s manual. A system log can be displayed with records of key events throughout the life of the compressor and assists with maintenance and troubleshooting. Wi-Fi interface allows easy access to air compressor diagnostic data from a distance. Watch the whole thing below.


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