Construction Academy Prepares Women for Leadership

You’d better think twice before thinking that construction is a man’s world. Women hold strong positions in the construction industry and the NCCER and the National Association of Women in Construction will make sure that even more women solidify their place in construction with the fourth annual Women’s Leadership Academy on June 19-22 at The Nature Place in Florissant, Colo.

The Women’s Leadership Academy targets business owners, education directors, office managers, training coordinators and anyone interested in learning how to be a more effective leader. It consists of three days of intense training sessions specifically geared towards women covering such topics as powerful language skills, gender-based power in business leadership styles, negotiating techniques, time management, productivity and conflict resolution. Participants also receive lasting network opportunities by sharing their experiences with peers from around the nation.

“The Women’s Leadership Academy is a unique experience for women to connect with other women in the industry and build lasting leadership and business skills,” said Rachael Smith, marketing director for NCCER.

The Women’s Leadership Academy is led by quality instructors that motivate and engage participants through a series of team-building exercises, group projects and hands-on activities.

Denise Norberg-Johnson, an Instructor for the academy and the president of NAWIC from 1999 to 2000, said the Women’s Leadership Academy is not designed to teach women to manage exactly as men do, but instead embraces gender differences and helps women to make the most of their unique management style.

“Women think differently than men,” said Johnson. “They form relationships and bring their subordinates into the decision-making process, and while this used to be considered ‘weak’ management, it is now taught across the board as a successful management style.”

Tuition for the academy is $1,495 and includes lodging, all meals, course materials and transportation to and from the airport. Upon completion of the academy, participants will receive continuing education units and may receive industry-recognized credentials from NCCER’s National Registry.

To register for the Women’s Leadership Academy, visit To find out about current academy promotions call the NCCER Training and Registration and Fulfillment Coordinator at 888.622.3720.

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