City of Longmont, Colo., Adds Terex Hybrid Trucks to Equipment Fleet

The crews from the City of Longmont, Colo., pose for a photo with their Terex Commander C4047 digger derrick, powered with a green-focused HyPower Hybrid System. Utilities and utility contractors are ready for the next generation of green machines to help make projects more efficient. Terex Utilities just sold four trucks equipped with its HyPower Hybrid System — a Terex Commander C4047 digger derrick, a Terex Hi-Ranger TCX55 bucket truck, and two competitive bucket trucks retrofitted with the HyPower system — to the City of Longmont, Colo. The Terex HyPower Hybrid System is designed to allow city operators to save fuel, reduce noise and increase efficiency, plus it has been optimized for the utility industry.

“We are constantly looking at the emerging technologies like the Terex HyPower Hybrid System to see what would be a good fit for Longmont,” says Deborah Cameron, customer services and marketing manager for Longmont Power & Communications (LPC). “LPC crews have really responded well to these new trucks.”

Terex HyPower trucks offer quiet, yet powerful operation. “Our crews like that they do not have to yell over engine noise for material or direction with the Terex trucks,” says Cameron. “They also appreciate that there is no reduction in the performance of the controls while the trucks are in hybrid mode.”

The service area that LPC covers is compact so city crews do not have long drives to worksites which, according to Cameron, made the Terex HyPower system, with its separate batteries, a smart choice. One of the retrofitted bucket trucks serves as a service truck, taking care of outages and daily calls. The other is the city’s street light truck, repairing lights throughout the system. The TCX55 bucket truck is primarily used by the City’s maintenance crew. According to Cameron, the city has just received the C4047 digger derrick and is in the process of incorporating it into its fleet.

To purchase the Terex HyPower Hybrid trucks, the City of Longmont received $70,000 through the Regional Air Quality Council to offset the expense for these trucks. According to Cameron, the City will evaluate opportunities to add more Terex HyPower trucks to its fleet in the future as other units come due for replacement.

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