Bobcat Launches 2012 Lineup of Light Construction Products

News flash: Bobcat is getting into the light construction business. The company announced today its 2012 lineup of light construction products, featuring a line of air compressors, generators and pressure washers, as well as compaction equipment, including plate compactors and upright rammers. Powered by fuel-efficient, Honda engines, these durable models are designed to provide reliable performance for jobsite development and cleanup operations.

Air Compressors
Three portable air compressor units supported by durable frames and strong cylinders provide power for pneumatic tools. The 8-gal models feature cast iron compressors and puncture-proof tires. Two single-stage compressor pump models, including a 5-gallon unit offering 4.1 cfm at 100 psi and an 8-gal model delivering 13.1 cfm at 100 psi, make up the smaller units. Rounding out the air compressor line is an 8-gallon two-stage unit that provides 17.2 cfm at 175 psi.

A team of three generators with outputs of 3,000, 4,000 and 7,500 watts provide power for remote electricity generation needs. All models feature low-oil shutdown, large low-tone mufflers to reduce noise and USDA/USFS-approved spark arrestors. The heavy-duty frames increase durability, yet the lightweight design can be easily wheel- mounted or transferred to vehicles for transporting.

Bobcat has announced its 2012 lineup of light construction products, featuring a revamped line of air compressors, generators and pressure washers.

Pressure Washers
The redesigned tire-mounted Bobcat pressure washer line features two portable cold water gasoline direct-drive models with 3,000 and 3,400 psi, respectively, for routine cleanups and wash jobs. Those units are joined by one portable hot water gasoline direct-drive model delivering 3,500 psi, and two electric models; a direct-drive unit that offers 1,500 psi and a belt-drive model that operates at 3,000 psi.

Vibratory Plate Compactors
Engineered with high centrifugal forces, the BC15, BC19 and BC22 single-direction vibratory plate compactors effectively and efficiently compact granular soils and crushed aggregates to depths of 12 to 16.5 in. The units are also equipped with a water sprinkler system with removable water tanks for the compaction of hot mix asphalt.

The BC15 delivers 3,400 lbs of centrifugal force from a compact frame using a 17-by-22-inch plate. The BC19 has a 20-by-22-in. plate and compacts with 4,000 lbs of centrifugal force. The BC22 has a 22-by-22-in. plate and offers the highest compaction rate with 5,700 lbs of centrifugal force. These compaction units range in operating weight from 150 to 220 lbs, allowing them to remain highly maneuverable and portable.

Upright Rammers
Two upright rammer models, the BR55 and BR72, offer a low center of gravity and a lightweight design for backfilling and narrow trench compaction. The rammers’ impact force is applied to material by a durable steel-plated wooden foot that measures 9 in. by 13 in. on the BR55 and 11 in. by 13 in. on the BR72. The BR55 provides an impact force of 2,600 lbs, while the BR72 delivers 3,400 lbs of force. Both ramming tools provide powerful compaction in a small, self-balanced design that stands under 44 in. off the ground.

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