Auger Bits


Caterpillar auger attachments are used for drilling holes for footings, fencing, signs, trees and shrubs in construction, agricultural and landscaping applications. These work
tools are designed with the right amount of speed and torque for maximum productivity in a broad range of soil types. The company has four auger sizes: the direct-drive A7B auger for mini hydraulic excavators; the chain-driven A14B auger for mini hydraulic excavators, multi terrain loaders and skid steers; the planetary-driven A19B auger for mini hydraulic excavators, multi terrain loaders and skid steers; and the planetary-driven, high-flow A26B auger for skid steers. MSRP: $1,500-$4,000


Vermeer Mfg. Co. offers several attachments for its S600 and S600TX mini-skid steer loaders including an auger attachment that is most commonly used for drilling cylindrical holes for installing things such as pole foundations, poles, sub-pump pits and sprinkler heads. Vermeer offers two types of auger drives for the S600 and S600TX —
a high-speed and low-torque drive and a low-speed
and high-torque drive. Standard auger bits range from 6 to 36 in. in diameter with 3-in. increments. A 12-in. extension for the auger is available to handle deeper holes where needed. MSRP: Depending on the bit size and auger attachment, augers can cost $2,500 and up.

John Deere

John Deere sells two types of auger attachments for its skid steers and compact track loaders — planetary and chain drive augers. Planetary drive augers use a hydraulic motor that drives the auger through a sealed planetary gear reduction. The heavy-duty, all-gear design gives this unit a long life with minimal maintenance. The drive is completely sealed and has self-plumbing for straight holes in level or sloped terrain. The company’s chain drive auger is for lighter use situations, which still call for rugged, reliable construction. The fixed chain centers eliminate adjustments, while the floating drive sprocket ensures constant chain alignment. The hardened drive sprocket resists wear and helps to assure a long, trouble-free life. MSRP: $1,856, plus bits.

Danuser Industrial Group

Established and family-owned since 1910, Danuser has manufactured drilling machines since 1943. The company’s auger drive units are backed by a five-year warranty, the industry’s best warranty with American components, say company officials. Danuser has 24 drive units to choose from with models ranging from 6 to 60 gpm at 1,500 to 5,000 psi. Torque ranges are from 1,039 to 8,759 ft-lbs. Danuser augers are available in 2-in. round, 2 9/16-in. round and 2-in. hex with diameters ranging from 4 to 48 in. The model MS-615 comes with a single swivel (front to back) or double swivel (front to back, side to side) mounting. MSRP: The MS-615 has a list price of $1,770 (mount, drive unit, hose kit) less auger. All other sizes range in price.

Land Pride

Contractors can use their skid steer to make plenty
of holes in the ground (and not in their pockets) with
Land Pride’s SA35 Series posthole diggers. The skid
steer-mounted posthole diggers offer high torque output, planetary gearbox, 2-in. hex or 2-9/16-in. splined output shaft and augers sized 9 to 36 in. The 36-in. auger is
perfect for planting ball rooted trees. The company offers
a universal fit to most skid steers and increased maneuverability as these augers are able to reach over fences or other obstructions. Land Pride also offers posthole diggers for tractor attachments, ranging from 15 to 75 hp. MSRP: $3,287 for base unit; augers starting at $443.


Bobcat offers compact equipment owners three auger models to choose from for drilling holes for posts, piers, poles and trees in all kinds of soil conditions. These heavy-duty hydraulic augers feature high torque and let operators dig 6- to 42-in. holes with speed and plumb-line accuracy. Because of a unique knuckle-joint design, the auger will hang plumb even on uneven terrain. With direct drive for more efficient operation, this auger features a smaller drive housing which allows the entire drive unit to follow the bit into the hole. This feature can add a foot more dig depth than a standard drive unit. Both hex or round output shafts are available plus an improved mounting system for both excavator and loader mounting. MSRP: $1,800-$3,600

Toro Company

The Toro high torque auger attachment for compact
utility loaders boasts 1,500 lbs of torque to dig large
diameter holes in rough or rocky soil for applications
such as tree and shrub planting, fence posts and irrigation valve boxes. The auger can be used with bits ranging in diameter from
6 to 30 in. and can create hole depths as great as 5 ft. Powered by a planetary drive, the auger utilizes the Toro Dingo’s hydraulic system, which produces 12 gpm of flow at 3,000 psi. MSRP: $2,550

A Mighty Pair of Posthole Diggers

Worksaver Continues Its Tradition of Innovative
Implements with Two Skid Steer Augers

924H Posthole Digger

Worksaver’s 924H skid steer posthole digger mounts directly to skid steer loaders equipped with a universal quick-attach, providing better reach over fences, shrubs and other obstructions and excellent visibility for the operator. The 924H digs smooth, deep holes fast and is used for building or replacing fences and installing posts, among other tasks. This posthole digger handles augers from 6 to 24 in. Its hydraulic motor works with systems delivering 10 to 20 gpm of flow at 1,500 to 3,000 psi. Hydraulic operation allows users to reverse the auger to clear obstructions. Counter weights provide constant balance for true vertical holes. MSRP: $1,799

Self-Contained Hydraulic Post Driver

Worksaver’s self-contained HSS/P hydraulic post drivers provide fast, effective operation, requiring no special return line or fittings and installing easily to any skid steer with an universal attachment system. For low maintenance and long life, these drivers use their own hydraulic pump, motor and reservoir, eliminating the risk
of oil contamination. Patented slide blocks of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene provide maximum carriage contact surface. Chrome plated high tensile steel hydraulic cylinder rods extend driver life. A level indicator provides fast accurate post alignment and spring isolators dampen the “whipping action,” helping to extend spring life. MSRP: $7,584-$9,925.


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