75,000th Allmand Light Tower Goes to Wagner Rents

Wagner Rents crewCongrats to Allmand Bros: The company recently manufactured its 75,000th light tower. The light tower, which went to Wagner Rents–The CAT Rental Store in Denver was a Mine Spec II light tower. A special gold serial number plate was made for the light tower by a local jeweler and was presented to Wagner Rents at the Allmand vendor, customer and employee golf tournament. The Mine Spec II light tower features include six, 1,250-watt SHO-HD metal halide light fixtures, a fire extinguisher, wheel chocks, a low fuel warning light and a secondary fixture retention system to provide additional safety on the work site. Other features include a two-stage air filter, exhaust shield and muffler wrap, as well as fan and belt guards. For more info, visit www.allmand.com. Tags: ,

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