Genie joins OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down efforts

In support of OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction week, May 8-12, Genie has released its Upcoming Changes to ANSI A92 & CSA B354 Standards presentation to help raise safety awareness in the aerial access industry. This overview explains how the ANSI A92 (United States) and CSA B354 (Canada) standards are changing and why.  The changes affect how products are referenced in North America, as well as how subjects such as design, safe use and training are covered. The Genie presentation provides details on the new standards includes changes in design such as platform load weighing and, for owners and operators, requirements to perform jobsite safe use planning and risk assessments.

“The goal of OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down is to raise awareness of best practices for working safely at height,” says Scott Owyen, Genie Training Manager, Terex AWP. “One of the biggest challenges in the aerial industry is increasing awareness about why safety is so important, especially as the standards change. With the changes to the ANSI and CSA standards, there is a need for education, especially in the aerial market, about the implications of the new standards, as well as how they will work with current industry regulations. Participating in the OSHA National Safety Stand-Down efforts gives us the opportunity to further increase our customers’ awareness about the proper use of aerial equipment on the jobsite.”

According to Owyen, ANSI (United States) and CSA (Canada) standards have, for almost four decades, provided best practices for safe, reliable access to work at height and have delivered a consistent benchmark for safe machine design in North America. Standards set a safety level for all participants in the market. Good standards also bring global markets closer together, driving commonality and stronger market competition.

“ANSI and CSA both require periodic updates to all standards,” says Owyen. “The updating process incorporates the inclusion of international standards (ISO) which will more closely align products produced by North American aerial lift manufacturers, including Genie, with products offered in global markets like Europe, Australia and China. These updates may allow aerial equipment owners to more easily trade new and used equipment worldwide. It is important for the people working in the aerial access industry to understand for what will be different and start preparing now.”

With the standards in North America changing so significantly, aerial equipment owners and operators can benefit from the opportunity to be more educated of what is changing and how it will affect them. According to Owyen, changes in the new standards include:

  • Equipment Terminology
  • Equipment Design Standards
  • Safe Use and Planning
  • Risk Assessment Planning
  • Training (Operators, Supervisors & Occupants)
  • Maintenance and Repair Personnel Training

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