JLG Shares New Whitepaper on Industry Megatrends

JLG Industries, Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company and a leading global manufacturer of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) and telehandlers, announces the release of a new whitepaper “5 New Global Megatrends Impacting the Construction Market.” In this piece, JLG outlines five emerging phenomena shaping the industry in the next five years and explains how each will affect equipment manufacturers, owners and end-users.

The dynamic on today’s job site has changed thanks to the unprecedented high highs and low lows the construction industry has experienced because of the pandemic. Pre-pandemic, the industry was influenced by the expansion of the global marketplace, the productivity imperative, the sharing economy, the digital future and the urban world, which has driven demand for product electrification.

Post-pandemic, the industry is faced with different circumstances, including:

  1. Shifts in Growth and Trade
  2. Stronger Societal Deal
  3. Accelerating Disruption
  4. Digitally Powered Customer
  5. New Ways of Working

In this whitepaper, JLG offers a closer look at each of these five new megatrends and explores the opportunities and challenges they create. The paper also highlights some of the changes that businesses may need to be on the lookout for on job sites in the future, as well as provides insights into the ways JLG will remain at the forefront of the industry’s transformation, pushing the boundaries of possibility and redefining what’s possible.

The whitepaper is now available for download on JLG #DirectAccess. To get a free copy of JLG’s “5 New Global Megatrends Impacting the Construction Market,” visit https://www.jlg.com/en/direct-access/2023/01/03/whitepaper-5-new-global-megatrends-impacting-the-construction-market or click here

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