Comfort Cab Features and Options for Compact Track Loaders and Skid Steers

ASV max series cab

In today’s world, customers often look for comfort when considering a compact track loader or skid steer. Manufacturers have revolutionized their equipment designs to ensure operators get the higher level of luxury they’ve become accustomed to in modern loaders. While many construction business owners struggle with employee recruitment and retention, taking advantage of these comfort features can help them maintain a strong, reliable crew.

Operators experience less fatigue and remain more alert while working when they’re comfortable during long hours on the job. This increases productivity and safety on the jobsite. Understanding the comfort features available can help contractors maximize their investment and ensure they’re getting the best compact track loader or skid steer for their business.

Take a Seat in Comfort

The operator’s seat tends to be the main feature when it comes to operator comfort. Many manufacturers offer air ride seats, whether as standard or as an option. These innovative seats allow adjustment for recline, slide, weight and some even include a four-way arm rest. Side angle lap bars free up space around the operator’s waist and makes entry and exit easier.

To further accommodate any operator’s body type and enhance comfort during the workday, some manufacturers design their equipment with maximum possible cab space for the machine size. Cab space is limited by the size of the machine, but some manufacturers use strategic engineering to squeeze in every inch of operator space. These types of cabs make even the smallest sit-in compact track loaders and skid steers more comfortable than designs where cab roominess is less of a priority.

Other modern features like Bluetooth radios, speaker quality and placement, USB charging ports, cell phone trays and chargers and even the placement of heating and cooling vents also affect the overall in-cab experience.

Get a 360-Degree View


Visibility and ease of operation go hand in hand when it comes to operator comfort. More visibility means operators don’t have to shift their bodies around as much to get a good view of the jobsite. To help with this, some manufacturers design their compact track loaders and skid steers to have floor-to-ceiling visibility, including all-clear polycarbonate glass and strategic configurations to pull off almost 360-degree visibility.

Other cab factors like intuitive switch placement, adjustable joystick controls and control panels make all the difference when repeating the same actions hundreds of times a day. When trying out equipment, pay attention to the accessibility of these features.

Comfort from the Ground Up

Ride quality starts from the ground up. This means business owners should consider undercarriages when choosing new equipment. Suspended undercarriages are becoming more and more popular. Dual-level suspension, found on some mid- and large-frame compact track loaders, features independent torsion suspension between the undercarriage and chassis as well as allowing the bogie wheels to flex with the track. This configuration keeps more track on the ground, improving operator comfort, traction and machine performance. Tracks with internal polycord give some dual-level suspensions even higher performance, allowing the track to morph around smaller obstacles like rocks, sticks or debris, minimizing rocking of the entire machine.

Skid steers feature less complex designs than their tracked counterparts. Tire choice and wheelbase remain the biggest factors when it comes to ride quality. Flat-free functionality for premium tires retain the feel of air tires while offering the most comfortable ride. A longer wheelbase means more comfort and stability, creating less jarring for the operator.

Working in Style

Evaluating comfort features on compact track loaders and skid steers has become essential for contractors when deciding whether to bring a machine home. Crew comfort makes coming to work easier and safer than ever before, which can build a strong, reliable workforce. Construction business owners should maximize productivity, improve recruitment and retention and enhance overall job satisfaction by evaluating comfort features before their next equipment purchase.

Buck Storlie is the aftermarket director at Yanmar Compact Equipment North America.