Takeuchi Launches Two New Track Loaders

Takeuchi-US, an innovative global leader in compact equipment, recently introduced two new track loaders to the market with the TL10V2 and TL12R2. Both track loaders are US EPA Final Tier 4 emission compliant and come standard with Takeuchi’s new telematics system, Takeuchi Fleet Management.

TL10V2 Track Loader

The TL10V2 is the second vertical lift track loader in the Takeuchi lineup, joining the larger TL12V2. The vertical lift arrangement delivers a 5 percent greater operating capacity over the TL10 radial. It also provides increased lift height and greater balance.

At 10,130 pounds, the TL10V2 features a tipping load of 7,205 pounds, bucket breakout force of 6,520 pounds, and lift arm breakout force of 5,400 pounds. Additionally, it has a maximum hinge pin height of 10 ft. 4.8 in., dump height fully raised of 7 ft. 11.9 in. and dump reach of 3 ft. 1.4 in.

The TL10V2 is powered by a Kubota 3.3 liter diesel engine that produces 74.3 HP, 195 ft-lbs of torque, and features a DOC+DPF diesel exhaust after-treatment system. Active Power Control (APC) is standard equipment and it allows the machine to automatically maintain engine power and keeps the engine within its optimal performance range.  This feature is unique and can be turned on or off dependent on the operator’s experience with Takeuchi controls.

A fully redesigned operator’s station provides greater comfort and functionality. A new 5.7-inch color multi-informational display keeps the operator informed, while the precision pilot controls deliver unmatched responsiveness, performance, and comfort.

The quiet track design reduces noise and vibration and the tread design provides maximum flotation. Central filter locations, easy access battery compartment, and high capacity swing out cooling module improve serviceability.


TL12R2 Track Loader

The TL12R2 radial replaces the TL12 and features an operating weight of 12,530 pounds.  It delivers over 6.5% more operating capacity, and has a tipping load of 8,629 pounds.

The machine features a bucket breakout force of 8,210 pounds, has a maximum hinge pin height of 10 ft. 6 in., a dump height of 7 ft. 10.5 in., and dump reach of 3 ft. 1.8 in.

The TL12R2 is powered by a Kubota 3.8 liter diesel engine that produces 111.3 HP and 284 ft-lbs of torque. It also has a DOC+DPF+SCR diesel exhaust after-treatment system that requires the use of diesel exhaust fluid or DEF.

Similar to the TL12V2, the TL12R2’s operator station has been redesigned and is 3 inches wider than the TL12 for greater comfort and accessibility. The 5.7-inch color multi-information display is also featured on the TL12R2. Similar to the TL10V2, the overhead door is quieter, easier to use, and can be opened or closed during machine operation.

A quiet track design reduces noise while operating, and a wide block tread design provides maximum flotation. Serviceability is improved with central filter locations, an added battery access compartment, and swing out cooling module.

“The new track loader products are a welcome addition to the Takeuchi product line, providing outstanding feature sets, unmatched performance, excellent service access, and great value,” said David Caldwell, national product manager at Takeuchi-US. “The TL12V2 was introduced earlier this year and has already had great success with our customers. These new models are an example of our continued product improvement and we are excited to introduce them to the market.”

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