Supertrak’s SK190TR Compact Track Loader Is a Beastly 190-hp Tool Carrier

Supertrak recently announced the return of a dedicated rubber track loader with a high horsepower option for its compact size product offerings. For years Supertrak has offered 120- to 140-hp compact machines with dedicated closed loop, high-flow, high pressure systems to meet the demand of increased production, while retaining cooling for heavy applications like vegetation management. The new SK190TR is one of the industry’s most powerful 190-hp Stage 5 rubber track loaders in its size class, while still meeting the 1-ton towable market.

The SK190TR is equipped with a 4.5-liter, Stage 5 Cummins engine matched with a high-flow, high pressure pump and separate cooling circuits from its brother the SK190RTL — already an industry leader in the wheeled market. The SK190TR allows you to utilize the best of both worlds to be towable, nimble and versatile when needed. It still uses all the standard skid steer settings for the fast amount of attachments needed, yet it’s powerful enough to match or exceed 150- to 200-hp dedicated purpose built carriers that need to share attachments on jobs with rubber tracks when weight is a concern.

The SK190TR, with its dedicated closed loop, high-flow, high pressure system, now completes the compact dedicated mulcher lineup within Supertrak’s product line. Whether its rubber tracks, wheeled or excavators, the Supertrak product lineup gets you into compact size with big power.

To learn more about this cool track loader, click here or peruse the spec sheets below.