Machine of the Month: New Generation of Manitou Mid-Range CTLs and Skid Steers Built for Ease of Use, Productivity and Lower TCO

A whole new generation of Manitou compact track loaders and skid steers is hitting jobsites in North America now, and both the advances in these machines and the technology brought in from previous generations of Manitou skid steers and CTLs is making them stand out among a crowded market.

Manitou Compact Track Loaders

Three all-new Manitou skid steer loaders (the 2100 V, 2300 V and the 2750 V) and three new compact track loaders (the 2100 VT, 2300 VT and 2750 VT) deliver significant improvements in safety, comfort, productivity, simplicity and serviceability over previous Manitou skid steers and CTLs. All models are vertical lift and feature a new lift arm design meant to improve visibility. The operator experience has also been improved with an update on Manitou’s patented folding door — and the new cab further improves visibility with a new window and roof design. Breakout forces and tank capacities are increased for greater productivity and longer operating times — all with the same focus on lower total cost of ownership (TCO) that Manitou is known for.

Manitou  2750 V Compact Track Loader
Manitou 2750 VT Compact Track Loader
Manitou 2100 VT Compact Track Loader
Manitou 2100 VT Compact Track Loader

The new models stand out from the competition with exclusive features, as well new modern advances that put Manitou skid steers and CTLS at the forefront of today’s compact earthmoving and attachment needs. These include:

IdealTrax™: This patented track-tensioning system tensions the track to the proper tension when the machine is started, and relieves the tension when the machine is turned off, which prolongs the track’s life and makes cleaning out the tracks easier.  Instead of greasing to achieve proper tension every 50 hours or so, Manitou uses a hydraulic system to keep constant tension on the tracks. As this happens automatically, it takes significantly less time to achieve proper tension. It also increases track life by up to 15 percent by ensuring proper tension at all times and guarding against over tensioning. Over-tensioned tracks wear from the inside out and rob horsepower from the machine as it takes more effort to turn the track – also causing poor fuel efficiency. Fleet managers will also see improved idler and bogie bearing life.

Manitou Compact Track Loaders

Each new CTL also features the exclusive Manitou IdealAccess door — contractors are increasingly moving away from the traditional swing-out doors for a variety of reasons, including visibility, easier access to the cab, and less likelihood of damage to the door. This bi-folding door gives the operator more headroom, and also allows operation with the door opened or closed.

All-new vertical-lift arm design: One of the most distinct features of the new Manitou skid steers and CTLs is the extremely robust vertical-lift, sloped-arm design that both improves visibility and reduces the amount of material that gathers on the arms, and allows for all hydraulic lines to be routed in or under the arms for greater protection. Manitou has transitioned exclusively to a vertical lift arm design, which provides more reach at dump height to dump closer to the center of the truck being loaded – while also improving rear visibility thanks to the elimination of rear towers.

Breakout forces have been improved by an average of 12 percent compared to the previous Manitou models, and the manufacturer has increased fuel tank size by 14 percent to allow for extended runtimes without refueling and the associated downtime. Additional standout features include keyless start, LED lighting, and a patented Pilot joystick system that moves with the seat to ensure a common operator experience is standard.

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The operator experience has been seriously upgraded with a larger, one-piece cab that gives the operator 23 percent more space in the cab than previous models; a larger, more ergonomic foot area that reduces operator fatigue while enabling precise control of the standard foot throttle; and lift-arm cushioning and an optimized undercarriage that provides a smooth, more comfortable ride. Each machine also features high auxiliary power to meet all attachment requirements commonly found with skid steers and CTLs.

And, maybe most importantly as it relates to running a business, each of these machines is manufactured with an eye towards total cost of ownership. When factoring in purchase price, resale value, lifetime service and consumables, the new line of Manitou compact track loaders can reduce total cost of ownership over the first five years of ownership by up to 15 percent. This includes the full Manitou EasyMANAGER fleet management platform (telematics), as well as the myManitou mobile app. This allows business owners and fleet managers to stay better connected to the health, performance and efficiency of each machine.

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