Manitou Introduces 1950 RT Compact Track Loader with Increased Operating Capacities

compact track loaders 1950 rt manitou

Manitou recently introduced an all-new compact track loader at the 2024 ARA Rental Show — the new 1950 RT. The 1950 RT delivers an extremely compact footprint at 74 horsepower with increased operating capacities — including a rated operating capacity of 1,950 pounds and high-flow auxiliary hydraulics that make the machine compatible with even more high-power attachments.

“There’s demand for CTLs with a small footprint and horsepower levels that don’t require more extensive emissions solutions — while still delivering increased performance,” says Nathan Ryan, product line manager for skid steers and CTLs, Manitou. “The 1950 RT provides those added operating capacities without significantly increasing the size of the machine compared to more traditional small-framed loaders.”

The 1950 RT is built with numerous track widths and tread patterns to aide in stability, and added counterweights to further boost the power and strength of the machine. The radial lift arm design makes the machine excellent for ground engaging work, and the added auxiliary hydraulic performance provides an excellent platform for running a wide range of attachments.

The machine also includes features that help reduce and manage the total cost of ownership of the machine, including the IdealTrax track auto-tensioning system, a swing-out cooler that makes it easier to keep the engine compartment clean and engine temperatures down, and the Manitou EasyMANAGER fleet management platform (telematics).

compact track loaders 1950 rt manitou

“We deliver premium features and added capacities in a footprint that is easy to transport, easy to maneuver on tight jobsites, and easy to operate,” says Ryan. “And it’s extremely easy to use and maintain for rental businesses and contractors where power and simplicity is favored without significantly increasing the size of the machine.”

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