Gehl Track Loaders Summarized — 2022 Spec Guide

Gehl track loader

Stay on Track with Radial- and Vertical-Lift Options

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Gehl began manufacturing agricultural implements out of West Bend, Wis., in 1859. From those humble beginnings in a blacksmith shop, the Gehl brand has become a major force in the compact equipment industry worldwide. Today, Gehl’s leading edge research and design facility is still located in West Bend with North American manufacturing operations in Yankton, S.D., and Madison, S.D.

Gehl currently offers seven track loader models for North America, including radial- and vertical-lift designs. The Gehl track loader lineup breaks the mold of industry standards with a number of industry-exclusive features that enhance productivity, safety and comfort.

All Gehl track loaders come standard with IdealTrax. This industry-exclusive automatic track tensioning system simplifies maintenance and reduces downtime by ensuring proper track tension when the engine is running and relieves pressure on the track components when the engine is turned off.

IdealAccess is another unique feature in which the cab door folds up, allowing operation of the machine with the door in the open position for added ventilation and safety. This design also allows the overall machine height to be several inches lower.

Operating Gehl track loaders is intuitive, easy and customizable, says the company. Pilot Series models, including the RT135, RT165, RT185, RT215 and RT255, feature revolutionary hydraulic pilot joystick controls that give the operator true one-to-one proportional control over the drive system. The controls are mounted to the seat for added legroom and comfort during operation. The result is a responsive system that provides both low- and high-end speed controllability.

Gehl’s RT105, the most compact in the line, has an industry-leading low overhead clearance height of 71.5 in. This machine is built for efficiency with high power drive motors designed for rugged conditions and tight work areas.

On the opposite end of the Gehl track loader line is the VT320 — a large vertical-lift model with a 3,200-lb rated operating capacity, 114-hp engine and 339.3 ft-lbs of torque. The VT320 also features the same hydraulic pilot controls featured in the Pilot Series line. This machine is ideal for lifting heavy loads and loading and unloading trucks.

For those looking for a mid-sized track loader that limits downtime and boosts productivity, the RT165 is the perfect solution. This model can go up to 10 mph in two speeds. Operators can customize the width of the machine with different track options, from a 66-in. narrow frame to 71.3-in. wide frame. For maximum versatility, Gehl track loaders come standard with an All-Tach attachment mounting system or optional Power-A-Tach system that allows the operator to engage and disengage the attachment without leaving the operator station. Gehl works like you.

Gehl track loader specs

Advice to Buyers

“Track loaders offer a multitude of options to buyers. Work with a dealer that is willing to go through each of them with you so the configuration best matches your application,” says Nathan Ryan, global track loader product manager with Gehl. “Good dealers will get you some seat time in a real-world application, so you get first-hand experience.”