Auger Showcase: Dig into Details About Six Different Augers

Toro auger

Whether you’re a landscaper, contractor or homeowner, you could benefit from having an auger in your attachment arsenal. Add in an auger attachment, and you’re all set to dig holes for fencing, planting trees and more.

John Deere

John Deere auger

The John Deere PA30B planetary drive auger is engineered to redefine durability and efficiency in earthmoving operations. Featuring upgraded auger hydraulic motors and components, alongside integral motor and planetary gearbox housing, this attachment enhances efficiency and decreases component stress by bringing the planetary gear set closer to the motor. Additionally, the PA30B offers reduced maintenance needs and increased operational uptime attributed to enhanced operating features. With a heavy-duty, five-gear gearbox design and increased torque rating, it efficiently tackles challenging terrains like rock and clay. Retaining its reserve rotation feature, the PA30B facilitates swift obstruction removal and enhances usability. This model also boasts a higher-rated operating pressure and a larger, more durable motor-shaft seal than previous models. Compatible with various auger bit styles and diameters, the PA30B auger ensures versatility and performance in every operation, making it the ultimate choice for professionals seeking durability and efficiency. For more info, visit

Kubota by Land Pride

Kubota by Land Pride auger

Ideal for landscapers, contractors, construction companies, farmers, ranchers and others, Kubota by Land Pride SA20 augers can drill holes from 9 to 36 in. in diameter and up to 48 in. deep or deeper, with available auger extensions. Hydraulic hoses are routed out the top of the gearbox housing, allowing housing to follow the auger into a deeper hole without damaging hoses. And a patented level indicator makes it easy to know when the auger is vertical to drill straight holes. Various auger options in standard- or heavy-duty configurations include seven double flight augers from 9 to 36 in. and three tree augers in 24-, 30- and 36-in. sizes. The SA20 is also available with round or hex output shafts. Kubota-branded CE Attachments are manufactured by Land Pride, a leading manufacturer of tractor-mounted implements and skid plate attachments, and are available exclusively through Kubota dealers. For more info, visit


Takeuchi auger

Featuring planetary gear reduction to ensure consistent high-torque output and long lifetime usage, Takeuchi’s TADV36 auger drive attachment is ideal for a wide range of applications from digging fence post holes to tree planting to cement mixing. Designed to accommodate a maximum 36-in. bit size, the auger drive requires a flow rate of 15 to 25 gpm and is recommended for use on loader machines with load capacities greater than 1,500 lbs. A motor with hydraulic pressure relief protection provides the auger drive with optimum performance and longevity while allowing both forward and reverse operation. A 2-in. hex output results in a stronger, more durable interface that makes it possible to handle tough digging tasks with ease. For more info, visit

Ignite Attachments

Ignite auger

Ignite Attachments’ auger lineup features self-aligning vertical accuracy for precise, accurate vertical holes in any situation. A choice of drive system ensures ample torque for even the toughest digging conditions. Direct drive system models include the 75DDH with a torque at 3,000 psi of 1,118 lbs/ft and the 165DDH with a torque of 2,478 lbs/ft. Planetary-drive models include the 150 PH with a torque rate of 1,783 lbs/ft and the 210 PH with a torque rate of 2,562 lbs/ft. All models offer a digging depth of 50 in. with a standard bit or up to 86 in. with an optional extension. With the power and precision to handle everything from shale, clay and frozen surfaces, the new auger lineup is an ideal solution for post hole digging, fence installation, deck building, tree planting and much more. For more info, visit

Premier Attachments

Premier auger

Created for full-sized skid steers yet compatible with minis, Premier Attachments’ Duo-Tach auger system was made to simplify the workday. This patented tool works on full-sized and mini skid steers — providing a longer, more stable option for minis compared to other products on the market. The Duo-Tach is the only mounting bracket on the market that combines the universal skid steer mounting bracket with universal mini skid steer mounting bracket into one auger attachment. Now you can have one auger attachment that is compatible with your entire fleet. No tools are required to make this change. It’s as simple as unhooking from your full-size skid steer and attaching right to your mini skid steer. The Duo-Tach even has guides that allow the Bobcat MT-style mount to work with ease. The Duo-Tach is available with an auger drive, trencher, pallet forks and a utility hitch. For more info, visit


Toro auger

The Toro high-torque auger attachment provides Dingo operators with a safe, fast and simple alternative to traditional manual hole-digging methods. In any drive head, there is a tradeoff between torque (power) and speed (revolutions per minute). The high torque head provides a large amount of torque to the auger at a slower speed. Boasting 1,500 lbs of torque, the auger power head is designed to dig large diameter holes in rough or rocky soil for applications such as tree and shrub planting, fence posts and irrigation valve boxes. The high torque translates into the Dingo’s capability to dig 30-in. holes up to 6 ft deep in clay, gravel, sandstone and many other conditions where lower torque heads get stuck. For more info, visit