Watch: YANMAR Debuts New Premium Red Color Scheme for Its Compact Equipment

YANMAR America’s Compact Equipment Division recently announced the launch of its entire compact equipment lineup in a premium red color scheme. All of its excavators, the V4 wheel loader and its tracked carriers are available in the new premium red, and the look is pretty rad. The rest of the product lineup will be changed to the new color scheme in the coming months.

In May 2020, YANMAR launched the SV40, the first machine in its family of products in this new red color. The SV40 is a 4-ton class ultra-tight tail swing excavator designed and built specifically to meet the needs of the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Jeff Pate, Division Manager for YANMAR America’s Compact Equipment Division, explained: “YANMAR America and its dealers are excited about the color change and the opportunity to differentiate ourselves from the competition. This family of products in a new premium red color scheme gives the owners of Yanmar machinery the same great quality they have come to trust. It’s more than a machine — it is an experience.”

“This is truly an exciting change for our Compact Equipment Division,” said Jeff Albright, President of YANMAR America. He added, “This new look strengthens the sense of unity of our brand and visually reminds our customers that we are committed to remaining true to our core values to provide exceptional customer experience.”

YANMAR showcased these compact equipment machines in the new red color in February at the 2020 Compact Equipment Dealer Meeting at the YANMAR EVO//Center in Acworth, Ga. With this launch of a family of products, Yanmar is taking orders for immediate delivery.

The current YANMAR compact equipment product lineup consists of nine excavators, six having true zero tail swing and three ultra-tight tail swing machines; four-wheel loaders and two tracked carriers.

Starting with the launch of the world’s first compact excavator in 1968, YANMAR has since expanded its excavator offerings to nine total models. Each excavator is purpose-built to overcome the most challenging conditions, work with an efficient use of power, conserve fuel, and provide exceptional flexibility with the same stability and performance you would expect from more conventional excavators.

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