Wacker Neuson Excavators — 2016 Spec Guide

These 14 Diggers Feature the Industry’s Best Warranty

Wacker Neuson began offering excavators to the U.S. market in 2008. However, it was one of the first companies to introduce mini excavators to the European market more than 30 years ago. Compact excavators have always been a core product for the company, and now it has 14 models in its North American fleet.

Wacker Neuson says it features the industry’s only five-year warranty on all its excavator models. In 2016, Wacker Neuson introduced a new generation of models that offer significant improvements for overall performance and operator comfort. The new ET65 and ET90 track excavators are powered by Tier 4 Final engines that produce power and offer 20-percent fuel savings. Additionally, a new three-point bucket linkage system with a 200-degree expanded angle rotation offers best-in-class breakout force, says Wacker Neuson.

Wacker Neuson also offers a new wheeled excavator, the EW65. As a 6.5-ton “excavator to go,” operators just pack up and drive to the next site down the road in minutes without needing a truck and trailer, eliminating the time consuming process of loading and securing the machine for a short transport. With a powerful (49.4-hp Tier 4 Final turbocharged Perkins) engine, significantly reduced turning radius, increased digging depths and simplified operation, the EW65 wheeled excavator saves contractors and municipalities money with mobility.

Wacker Neuson continues to offer a wide variety of models including the 1-ton 803 mini excavator with a dual power option that works with the standard diesel engine or a separate electro-hydraulic pump allowing for emissions-free operation. The EZ models with zero tail swing are available with an optional Vertical Digging System (VDS).

The unique VDS system compensates for height differences on uneven terrain and quickly sets the operator in an upright position, greatly increasing productivity. This system enables operators to tilt the excavator with the simple push of a button and results in up to 25 percent material and labor savings, improved stability and operator comfort.

Advice to Buyers

“Not every jobsite is perfectly level, and no job benefits from the extra time that is taken to level an area for your excavator to dig perpendicular to the ground. Wacker Neuson is the only manufacturer in the industry to offer the Vertical Digging System. With the movement of a lever you can be level and digging,” explains Warren Anderson, excavator product manager at Wacker Neuson.
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For more information, visit wackerneuson.com.

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