Sany America Compact Excavators — 2014 Spec Guide

Sany America Compact ExcavatorsSany America has expanded its hydraulic excavator product line with the addition of its first two compact models, the short tail swing Sany SY16C and the zero tail swing Sany SY35U.

The two new Sany compact excavators feature Tier 4-certified Yanmar engines and multi-functional attachment operation. The SY16C has an operating weight of 3,858 lbs, maximum dig depth of 7 ft, 8 in. and bucket breakout force of 3,417 ft-lbs. The SY35U has an operating weight of 8,333 lbs, maximum dig depth of 10 ft, 2 in. and bucket breakout force of 6,834 ft-lbs.

The Sany compact excavator models join a product lineup that also includes one other compact excavator — the SY75C — with an operating weight of 16,050 lbs. In addition to adding competitive models in two popular compact excavator weight classes, the new Sany SV16C and SY35U machines provide a variety of capabilities that meet the needs of construction, utility and landscape contractors, says the company.

The SY35U features a zero tail swing design, ideal for accessing tight jobsites and working in confined spaces. An enclosed cab includes standard air conditioning and heating to keep operators comfortable in all weather. The lightweight SY16C excavator offers a short tail swing design for working productively in small spaces. The undercarriage is hydraulically extendible for greater jobsite stability. An open ROPS/FOPS operator compartment provides excellent protection and visibility.

Various bucket sizes and styles, as well as other popular hydraulic-powered attachments, are available for each new Sany compact excavator. Both models feature a hydraulically controlled dozer blade for backfilling trenches and light grading of the jobsite. Positioning of hydraulic lines along the outside surfaces of the boom and arm facilitates easy service and quick coupling of hydraulic attachments for both models. Load-sensing hydraulics boost fuel economy and productivity. Both models offer two-speed travel.

Advice to Buyers

“For utility work, landscaping and other applications that put a premium on maneuverability, but still require solid power, look for a compact excavator among the 3- or 4-ton class machines,” explains Eric Teague, vice president and general manager with Sany Earth Moving Division. “This is a real sweet spot in the category, representing about 25 percent of all compact excavators sold in North America. That means you can expect a good trade-in market when you’re ready to sell. In addition to their extreme flexibility, machines in this weight class are typically easy to operate and maintain.”

Sany America Compact Excavator Specs

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