New Holland Excavators Summarized — 2019 Spec Guide

New Holland excavator
Big Dig Power Packed into Seven Compact Machines

Designed for power, precision and performance, New Holland Construction’s compact excavators offer competitive performance measures on all seven available models. The E17C, E26C and E37C models are zero tail swing (ZTS), while the E30C, E33C and E60C are short-radius tail swing (SR) models. ZTS and SR excavators allow operators to work more productively in congested areas due to short tail swing with a boom that can be offset left or right within an operating range. New Holland also offers a conventional tail swing unit — the E57C — for those applications where limited space isn’t an issue.

New Holland promotes that its compact excavators give big digging power in tight spaces. The center-swing boom arm lets operators dig, fill and grade along near-perpendicular angles like footings, curbs and foundations. And ZTS means operating in confidence, knowing that the machine always operates within its track footprint. The advanced hydraulics on the excavators are designed to be fast, precise, smooth and powerful, says New Holland, and include standard auxiliary hydraulics on every model. Auxiliary hydraulics allow operators to use many different types of attachments and leverage the most efficiency from their compact excavators.

New Holland compact excavators feature an Auto Shift traveling system, which automatically shifts between high and low depending upon load, and an Auto-Idle feature that will automatically reduce engine rpm during inactivity to reduce fuel consumption and operator fatigue.

All models provide a clear, all-direction view for confident, relaxed operation. Four sides of glass provide 360-degree visibility, allowing operators to feel self-assured when working or traveling at the jobsite. Floor-to-ceiling sightlines allow operators to remain in the cab for both safety and higher productivity. All cabs are designed for a comfortable operating experience. An ergonomically designed suspension seat, adjustable arm rests and a spacious environment help reduce operator fatigue. Control levers are easily accessible, and the instrument display is positioned within the line of sight. A glass roof panel in cabs aids visibility, and a roller shade is provided to reduce glare, heat and sunlight.

New Holland excavators feature ground line serviceability access, allowing operators to easily perform daily maintenance checks resulting in more uptime and higher productivity. Wide open access provides easy sight checks of key service points, hoses and belts and fluid levels for easy troubleshooting and daily maintenance. Same side placement of key maintenance points including air cleaner, oil filter, fuel filter and water separator allows for quick servicing and greater productivity. Long-life hydraulic filters and hydraulic oil provide reduced operation costs.

Advice to Buyers

“Understand the machine’s performance limits,” says Joe Boufford, product marketing specialist, New Holland, North America. “This includes lift capacity as well as hydraulic flow. Most manufacturers publish lift capacity charts somewhere on or in the vehicle. Breakout force and lift capacity are not the same thing. It’s always better to have more than you need than to need more than you have.”
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