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Six C Series Units That Raise the Bar on Small Jobsites

Make the most of every minute of your day with the power, performance and versatility of New Holland C Series mini excavators. Their compact design and zero/reduced tail swing mean you can dig, fill and grade in confined areas, like next to buildings, footings and foundations, and in congested worksites like roadways and urban areas. You can offset the excavator boom left or right within the operating range to match the situation.

New Holland has a broad model offering with six models from 1.7 to 6 tons. With SAE bucket breakout forces up to 8,490 lbf and dig depths up to 12.5 ft, C Series excavators put big digging power in restricted areas. They offer superior ground clearance and excellent dozer blade lift height for maneuvering and working in rough conditions, says New Holland. The E17C features a variable undercarriage that retracts for entry through tight egresses and then extends for stability.

The rail and interlocking type track utilized on C Series excavators leads to less wear and provides more contact points for all-around track stability. New Holland’s Auto Shift travel system automatically downshifts when load increases to enhance travel torque on slopes and in difficult conditions, then shifts back up to secure a faster travel speed after the load decreases. The Auto Idle system improves fuel efficiency by automatically decreasing engine rpm when you are not using the operating levers. All C Series models were made to be moved. Thoughtfully placed tie-downs are provided for safe transportation. The ESL (Engine Start Limit) System requires a pass code to start the engine to deter theft. You can also set the time permitted between engine starts.

Operator productivity has everything to do with a comfortable work environment. The C Series cab is wide, spacious and stress-free with all-around visibility, ergonomic controls and adjustable seating. The instrument cluster is easy to read, and the touchscreen monitor in the E57C and E60C is intuitive to use. The E17C features a two-post canopy, while the E26C, E33C and E37C feature a four-post canopy with slim tubing or enclosed cab. The E57C and E60C feature upper roof glass with a roller shade for even better upward visibility, hands-free mobile phone/Bluetooth system and an optional rear camera. Optional features on all models include a lifting hook and thumb bracket and a proportional control switch on the right control stick.

Service doors, covers and hoods open for complete access. The largest model — the E60C — also features a tilting cab for even greater access. No matter which model you choose, you’ll find fluids are easy to check and undercarriages easy to clean. A centralized grease bank for boom swing, swing bearings and swing gear simplifies and speeds up lubrication. Quality components and extended service hours also reduce maintenance needs.

Advice to Buyers

“Think about the overall job that the excavator will be asked to perform, now and in the future,” says Doran Herritt, New Holland Construction product marketing manager. “Because of the long life of compact excavators, you want to be sure the machine can do the jobs your business needs as your business grows and demands increase. Additionally, work with your local dealer. Dealers understand the jobs of machines in their specific geographical areas. They can be a great resource as to the demands that other like customers are experiencing.”

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