New Holland Compact Excavators — 2014 Spec Guide

In 1999, New Holland Construction launched its construction equipment brand for the North American market, which included compact excavators. The company was one of the only manufacturers to offer an entire line of zero tail swing compact excavators for operation in the tightest of areas. In 2011, New Holland Construction added the 5.5-metric-ton E55Bx compact excavator. This was the first MTS (minimal tail swing) model offered and has won instant popularity in the market, says the company. It features an all-new cab and cutting-edge boom design that gives the operator the reach of a long arm machine, along with the digging strength of a short arm design.

The company’s compact excavator product line includes the E18B, E27B, E35B and E55Bx. New Holland compact excavators are designed to be versatile and deliver the range of power you expect for your application. If your business involves residential construction, underground pipe/electric work, landscaping, demolition or commercial construction work, New Holland says it offers a model that’s tailor-made to meet your requirements. These machines offer reliable, fine-tuned engines and hydraulic performance that results in power and an increase in fuel economy.

The E18B has foldable wings to match the variable-width of the tracks, which are expandable from 39 to 52 in. In the fully expanded track position, the E18B provides zero tail swing, making it well suited for project bids. A four-way blade option available on the E35B provides 23 to 25 degrees of left and right angle movement for clearing, grading and backfilling. Designed for use with attachments, New Holland compact excavators include auxiliary hydraulics as standard equipment, making them factory-ready for grapples, breakers and other attachments.

The newest model in the New Holland compact excavator lineup is the E55Bx. The E55Bx delivers enough size and power for tackling various residential construction, underground pipe/electric, landscaping, demolition or commercial construction applications. With a cab height of 8 ft, 4 in., the machine is easy to transport between jobsites. The E55Bx is also small enough for confined spaces, but has all the muscle, performance and productivity you’d expect from a mid-sized excavator. The boom, arm and swing bracket on the E55Bx feature large cross-section segments for greater attachment strength. The lower structure extends to the sprockets, which reinforces the tracks and undercarriage at the optimal points.

The E55Bx also includes a standard dozer blade — featuring an increased 38-degree approach angle for finish grading. For increased backfill and grading ability, an optional four-way dozer blade is also available. Designed with the operator in mind, the E55Bx features individualized comfort settings, improved visibility to the front, sides and rear and ergonomically placed controls and gauges.

Advice to Buyers
“Whatever depth you think you need to dig, buy a machine that will dig 10 percent deeper,” says Tharen Peterson, New Holland Construction product marketing specialist. “Most of the time, that is the difference between a standard stick and the long stick option. I recommend demonstrating machines so you can get the feel of how the machine performs and reacts to what you need it to do. Does a standard stick dig deep enough or do you need the added depth or reach of the long stick?”

New Holland Compact Excavator Specs

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