The 9035EZTS Is the Company’s First Zero Tail Swing Model Offering Two Cab Options

LiuGong North America’s parts distribution and corporate office located in Katy, Texas, opened for business in 2008. For 10 years, the focus was on conventional (non-reduced tail swing) excavators with nine models from 4- to 50-metric tons. With its focus now on a new generation of compact reduced radius excavators, the same attention to quality and detail that LiuGong offers to its conventional excavators will now be available with its new compact 8,000- to 13,000-lb class excavators — the 9035EZTS and 909ECR. The newest model, the 9035EZTS (zero tail swing), has an operating weight of just 8,510 lbs.

The 9035EZTS offers two cab options. Standard open cab and a full enclosed cab both have TOPS and ROPS certification. The goal was to make a compact machine as stable as its larger excavators with easy access to maintenance points, comfortable access to the cab while not restricting the operators vision, arm or leg movement, then reduce the width of the upper frame to place the counterweight inside the track and undercarriage width. This required a lot of strategic engineering changes to relocate hydraulic pumps, motors, engine and hose routing, while keeping the excavator and major components open and accessible.

According to LiuGong, the 9035EZTS is unique in that it gives operators a comfortable, ergonomic cab environment with color LCD display and climate-control (with the optional enclosed cab) on a true zero tail swing machine. You can place its tracks right up against a tree or building without restricting the rear swing operation of the machine. On narrow roads, construction maintenance contractors have told LiuGong the 9035EZTS might even help save them the cost of shutting down an extra lane of traffic because the counterweight is not swinging into oncoming traffic.

LuiGong’s 906D is a standard configuration excavator with a fully enclosed cab and an operating weight of 13,007 lbs powered by a 45-hp Tier 3 Yanmar. Its maximum digging depth is 12 ft, 9 in. with a standard bucket. This will be the last year that LiuGong will offer the 906D in North America as it will be replaced in 2018 with a new compact model 909ECR machine as the company continues to increase its compact line of excavators. Watch for the release of the 909ECR later this year with improvements such as a Tier 4 Final engine, positive control hydraulics and much more at the top end of the compact excavator range.

For 60 years, LiuGong has been manufacturing machinery for the heavy construction equipment and material handling industries. Credited with building China’s first modernized wheel loader, LiuGong has become one of the fastest growing full-line construction equipment companies in the world. LiuGong North America is responsible for sales and product support for all LiuGong distributed machines, including the Dressta product line and LiuGong forklifts.

Advice to Buyers

“The best advice before purchasing a compact excavator, whether used or new, is to have experience with the make and model first,” says Mike Watt, product manager with LuiGong. “If the manufacturer is new to you, or you’re not familiar with the model, why not rent it first? Just remember that a rental unit will not likely have all the options available for that unit, such as air conditioning in the cab.”

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