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The KX033-4 and KX080-4s Super Series Continue to Define Efficiency and Comfort

Kubota’s K Series compact excavators range in size from 1- to 8-metric tons and are available in a zero, tight and conventional tail swing model. Kubota’s new models, the KX033-4 and KX080-4s, began arriving in dealers lots early this year and have been well received by customers, says the company. They compete in the 3- to 4- and 8-metric-ton class respectively. The KX033-4 and KX080-4s share many standard features that Kubota compact excavators have been known for. Large operator stations, five programmable presets for auxiliary circuits and a reliable Kubota Tier 4 Final engine are just a few features that set them apart from the competition, says the company.

The KX033-4 is powered by a 24.8-gross-hp Kubota, direct injection, Tier 4 Final certified engine. The KX033-4 has a maintenance free Tier 4 Final Solution, which requires no DOC or DPF Filter. The KX080-4s is powered by a 66.6-gross-hp, common rail, DPF, Tier 4 Final emissions engine. Regeneration of the emissions systems happens automatically with passive regeneration, and there is no operation downtime or input needed from the operator.

Kubota’s optional hydraulic angle blade has a standard float function along with a reversible and replaceable cutting edge, which has proven to be a very popular option for each model. The angle blade delivers more blade height and faster backfill since it eliminates the need to reposition the machine at right angles when doing a final trench backfill. Operating the angle blade is easier than ever; a single lever will operate the blade’s up, down and float movements. Left and right-angle positioning is made by a rocker switch on top of the lever. In addition, Kubota’s angle blade option has a generous approach angle for easy navigation over ramps and other jobsite obstacles.

Operator stations on all Kubota machines are designed with operator comfort in mind. The design and layout pay careful attention to efficient operator ergonomics which simplifies routine excavating operations. There is a deluxe, reclining, high-back suspension seat to provide maximum operator comfort which includes weight compensation and adjustable wrist supports. A wide digital display panel with simple push button operation allows for easy monitoring of critical machine functions and operations. Changing auxiliary hydraulic oil flows can be done right from the seat — with no tools required.

Advice to Buyers

“Today is an exciting time to be in the market to purchase a new compact excavator,” explains Jeff Jacobsmeyer, Kubota product manager for excavators, TLBs and wheel loaders. “Many manufactures offer a variety of choices and provide features that were not available to compact excavators as little as 10 years ago. The advancement of Tier 4 engine technology has improved emissions, efficiency and power. Look for standard features like auto-idle and ECO modes which save money and the environment at the same time. Along with the advancement of engines, there have also been advancements in the design and operation of hydraulic systems. Machine cycle time, auxiliary flow and lift capacities are all important specifications to consider.”

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