Innovative Iron Awards: Kubota’s U10-5 Mini Excavator

Kubota U10-5

The Top Construction, Landscape and Rental Equipment Launched in 2022

Throughout 2022, the Compact Equipment crew traveled the countryside (tradeshows, product launches, zoom interviews, operation opportunities) to analyze and catalog every model of compact machinery released into the wild. Looking back, the last 12 months saw the introduction of an impressive array of off-highway construction equipment and OEM systems, but a certain set of equipment stood above the rest. We call them the Innovative Iron Award winners, and these particular units are, in our humble opinion, the best compact equipment released in 2022. Here comes a winner right now. See them all right here.

Kubota’s Tiny Minimal Tail Swing Excavator Offers Big Production

Kubota’s new U10-5 minimal tail swing excavator (introduced Jan. 2022 at World of Concrete) is a dream unit for rental. It offers single-level maneuverability with hydraulic adjustable track widths that quickly contract (3 ft, 3 in. to 2 ft, 6 in.) to fit through tight spaces (doorways, fence gates, inside buildings). The unit still has big dig power with a 5-ft, 11-in. digging depth and a bucket breakout force of 2,337 lbs, all with a very minimal overhang of 0.6 of an inch over the tracks What’s more, the U10-5 offers the same side lever joystick operational controls found on other larger Kubota excavator offerings, so renters and users can easily familiarize themselves.

“The U10-5 is Kubota’s answer to the rental or professional customer, for example, who requires a compact excavator in the 0- to 1-ton range but in a more compact frame with minimal tail swing to be more nimble and agile than ever before for both residential and commercial work,” said Tim Boulds, assistant director of construction equipment product marketing at Kubota. “The U10-5 provides superior flexibility when working in tight spaces with very minimal overhang at 0.6 of an in. over the tracks, ensuring excellent balance, stability, and fast operation. It truly is the ideal model for working in compact spaces.”

The U10-5’s engine gross horsepower comes in at 10.3 hp, offering a travel speed at 2.5 mph. This unit also has two-speed. The two-speed travel pedal allows the operator to easily switch between high and low gear. The U10-5 also has a heavy frame at 2,646 lbs. Plus, this unit features both ISO and SAE operational patterns, which are easily changeable to the operator’s preference.

The U10-5 model is available now at Kubota dealerships nationwide.

Keith Gribbins is publisher of Compact Equipment.

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